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  1. Solar payoff....worth it?

    With a battery, 9kwh, if the grid goes down we have power during the day and 9kwh to use after sunset and solar is not producing. Maybe 4hrs+/- depending on our usage. Without a battery, grid goes down we have solar during the day and then nothing after sunset. There's still a transfer switch...
  2. Solar payoff....worth it?

    Our cost is $0.09-$0.10/kWhr. I believe most is hydro but there are nuke plants as well
  3. Solar payoff....worth it?

    The install here will be behind the meter with no ability to push out to the grid. It's controlled by TVA, TN Valley Authority, regardless of your power delivery company. If we were to install a meter to feed the grid we would only be paid 2cents/kwh so I'm told it's not worth the hassle and the...
  4. Solar payoff....worth it?

    The reason for the battery is, no Net Metering in TN. So rather than overproduce with no payback, store the excess in the battery for use later. 7.6kwh system will pay about half of our utility bill. So, for grins and giggles, I'm going to get a price for double that, 15kwh, and no battery and...
  5. What is this symbol

    That blue block is showing distance between you and car infant. Blue, is good distance, orange is getting close, red is real close. You can turn it off. Look for distance indicator in menu
  6. Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    No regrets. At the Drive EV event yesterday had several folks express concern about the heat. We were parked in full sun all day and I'd ask them to place their hand a few inches below the glass, no heat felt, touch the glass and you could feel the heat. It does a great job of letting in some...
  7. National Drive Electric Week.......

    We attended the Knoxville event yesterday. 3 Mach Es in total. I'll apologize upfront because I have no pictures of the event at all. I was way too busy answering questions about the car and showing it to even get a good look at any other cars there. I did get a look at a Fisker Karma, looked...
  8. Sync option for Brake Coach - how does this work?

    Big fan of 1PD, took about 2 seconds for me to get used to it. I always felt the brake pedal was just a bit too touchy for me
  9. TSB 21-2206 Vibration/Pulsation From Brakes - Brake Pad Material Stuck To Rotor

    I don't have the clunking, sticking thing that most folks describe. I am starting to develop lots of dust however. I park on level ground at home and don't use the E-brake unless the car activates it itself. Wondering if you all think its worth it to ask about the TSB? I have no other reason...
  10. Tax credit Q would get the $6000......NOT the $7500
  11. National Drive Electric Week.......

    Exactly. Maybe I'll just make a voice memo and just replay it :D
  12. National Drive Electric Week.......

    As a participant in Knoxville I get 1 raffle ticket for a $250 prize and a lunch are definitely missing out on all that booty 🤪
  13. National Drive Electric Week.......

    Going to the event in Knoxville tomorrow. Close to 85 cars registered, I'm told, but only 2 Mach Es. Our first event like this so I'm not sure what to expect. Looking forward to it tho.
  14. Solar payoff....worth it?

    Incase anyone cares our meter is located on a pole on the road just before our driveway........guessing 800 feet or so from the electrical panel on the house.
  15. Solar payoff....worth it?

    Had a guy stop by for a bid and he managed to piss me off before he even got out of his car. TN does not have net metering so everything will be done behind the meter. He kept telling me that the meter was too far from the house and with the array being further in the opposite direction there...
  16. Solar payoff....worth it?

    I'm still gathering quotes. Last one was $45000 +/- Not going in a good direction LOL
  17. Solar payoff....worth it?

    Thank you for helping me understand all of this. I've got some work to do but I am getting a handle on it.
  18. Solar payoff....worth it?

    Puts us at about 4.3%
  19. Should I sell my Mach e and get this...? It's electric!

    I could terrorize my hillbilly neighbors all day with this.............well 80mi worth of day anyway
  20. Solar payoff....worth it?

    This is what I was trying to calculate and my Oklahoma math skills are failing me. How do I calculate my ROI on this, either monthly or annually? This seems to be a much better metric as opposed to paying for itself over time.