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  1. Mongoose®-Plus Ford2 and FORScan

    Funny, I used to have a 1969 Mangusta -- Mongoose in English -- because it was a Cobra killer. Weird name for a Mustang product.
  2. I think our Mach-e is going back to Ford. Permanently.

    OP's having a lot of trouble getting his car to charge -- think that's clear. However, he could have been helped if the Ford rep he got on the phone had actually taken the time to really help him (or her) sort... instead of passing him on to a recording.
  3. Dealers getting in the way

    Seen bits of this other places on line. But... hell... Ford Mustang Mach-E Buyer Shares Horrible Dealership Experiences: Extreme Price Markups, Random $1000 Dealership Fees, & Enraged Salespeople | CleanTechnica
  4. Dealers getting in the way

    Best dealer story in a long time: Chevrolet has currently issued a "recall" on ALL Bolts, including the 2022 model. Chevrolet warned dealers (initially) that these cars could not be driven. However, they didn't tell dealers they couldn't SELL the cars. So, several of them did, even though the...
  5. Dealers getting in the way

    Each Tesla "showroom" is just that, a place where you can go look at the new cars. As I understand it, some (I think one near me) allow test drives. There is no 'lot' filled with used cars; no service. No one trying to sell you anything. Completely separate (I believe in almost if not all...
  6. Dealers getting in the way

    The Dealer model has been broken for years. You probably didn't notice, but in the Tesla version... there is no dealer. Yes, we've had a "good" dealer in the past. And, probably to their surprise, we stuck with them. But there has to be a certain amount of trust. My wife's favorite Range...
  7. Dealers getting in the way

    I submit that the Tesla model is the way to go. My M3P purchase was the most hassle free car buying experience of my life. Sent in phots of my low mileage Evoque. Buy-out value offered better than others. Car was ready in five days. AND when I took delivery they had adjusted my trade-in...
  8. New Mach-E GT in Cyber Orange

    Finally! A Mach E that looks like a fucking spaceship! Love it!
  9. Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    Sure Tesla could have chosen... uh? Which one? CHAdeMO -- which Nissan leaf was using? CCS (1), which was just getting started? Most people believed CHAdeMO was going to become the standard. But Chevy Volt (AC only at the time) had J1772-2009. Tesla did what they wanted: create a...
  10. Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    As I understand it, EA has multiple partners (3?) not all of whom, apparently, give a damn. The network was forced into existence. But, if their internal "command structure" can be sorted, obviously it can work. Relying on home chargers is like saying you can never leave home. Not a...
  11. Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    So... Tesla didn't create a proprietary charging interface for 2021, they did it back in 2012 when no one knew how things were going to shake out. A little research would show that. Ford needs to aggressively help sort EA, which as I understand it, is a semi-mess because there are three...
  12. Thoughts and comparisons to the MachE after driving a Tesla Model 3 over the weekend.

    Uh... a 2013? Because of my wife's (possible) interest in a Mach E we're looking to test drive one. And compare it to my M3P. Will check in after.
  13. Mileage Complaint

    Are those Imperial Miles..? :cool:
  14. TSB 21-2278 Cooling Fan Noises during level 3 charging (public charging or wallbox)

    Just FWIW, Tesla OTA updates are all listed on my car along with dates and release notes. I've had about 14 or 15 OTAs in the past approx. two plus years of ownership. Remember, whenever a dealer touches your car under warrantee, they are compensated by Ford. So they probably don't want to be...
  15. Road rage incidents?

    When I first got my EV I was pestered non-stop by those "Fast & Furious" gnats. Finally one was trying to drive up my ass (slow lane) so I just mashed it -- scared the crap out of me! I have a 3P and it was not in chill mode. He became a dot in the past.
  16. Lots of Tesla trolls roaming these halls

    Uh... If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the Mach E have pouch LG batteries?
  17. Road rage incidents?

    Teslas were the primary target. Now, here in So. California, there are so many Teslas aggressive idiots are overwhelmed by yet another thing in their lives.
  18. Lots of Tesla trolls roaming these halls

    Gotta laugh -- we had our share of obnoxious Tesla fanboys on the now defunct Tesla forum. Yeah, fanboys/girls are by nature annoying. Haven't noticed it so much on this forum -- yet.
  19. Tesla- This Investigation Should Be Interesting

    Tesla has "lost the mission"? Ford and GM were told back in the '60's that they were changing the planet by pumping emissions into the atmosphere. Their reaction was to spend millions to discredit that info in the press etc. (let's not even talk about lead). So, when Ford actually "gets the...
  20. First Mach e Hate crime in SoCal!

    Yeah, used to happen a lot to Tesla -- that and someone unplugging Superchargers. But there are enough Sentry Mode vids on YouTube to have calmed the chimps down.