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  1. Kabish

    Ford and Sk Innovations to spend $11 billion on four new battery and EV plants

    They are not even starting to build till 2025 and 2026. That gives Tesla, and others, at least 5 years if it takes them 1 year to build and start production, which I highly doubt would happen. Realistically, you are looking closer to 10 years out before the plants are up and fully producing...
  2. Kabish

    Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    Ya unless you have some medical sun sensitivity I call BS on getting a sun burn. Maybe you are getting it outside of the car. I’m bald and been in 113 degree weather for about 2 ish hours with zero issue.
  3. Kabish

    Something is Leaking!?!?

    Yup it’s a good thing, unlike some teslas that don’t drain that water effectively.
  4. Kabish

    PAAK again!

    Sounds like they failed to do step #1, hook the LVB to a charger before upgrading modules lol
  5. Kabish

    Interior cleaning

    I've always like Chemical Guys foam soap, but I've never really cared for their other products. I've always felt they were just "okay". 303 AeroSpace though makes some good stuff, although their sprayers kind of suck. I use their leather cleaner and conditioner on the MME and it works really...
  6. Kabish

    Ford Dash Cam Hardwire Wiring Harness

    On the phone with my wife behind me.
  7. Kabish

    What's an acceptable number of miles on your brand new custom ordered Mach-E?

    Mine had 14 when I bought it. There is no way I’d buy a new car with 200 miles, that’s a bit excess IMO.
  8. Kabish

    DIY Tutorial for Hardwiring a Dashcam and Radar Detector

    I personally would not trust hooking up to the 12 volt. Its more expensive but I would use one of the portable banks for the parking mode. I just world not trust the camera not to drain the battery enough to cause issues with the car. If the car does not like the voltage it seems like it can...
  9. Kabish

    Well this is disappointing

    Mine does as well, if it was hitting the felt part it would be a scratch not a gouge. This is from the corner of the buckle hitting the plastic.
  10. Kabish

    Well this is disappointing

    Ya the plastic is too soft. There are even scratches on the driver side pillar from the buckle moving across it. It’s not nearly as bad, but 6 months from now it’s going to be an eye sore. Stuff like this really gets to me, and with two months of usage I can’t excuse it. Three maybe four...
  11. Kabish

    Well this is disappointing

    Think I’ve had my MME for almost 2 months, my second payment will be next month. Was cleaning the car and noticed the seat buckle is jacking up the console big time. I can’t image what this area is going to look like in a year from now. Very poor design, that is a fairly large size chunk missing.
  12. Kabish

    Tire pressure at delivery?

    42 all around in delivery.
  13. Kabish

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    Did not think about that. Shows how long I’ve replaced glass :)
  14. Kabish

    My MME gets dirty so quickly

    People will have a different definition of scratch. I can pretty much guarantee a dust mop with debris on it is going to add micro scratches. So long as you are moving in one direction the scratches will be pretty hard to see and more than likely not noticeable. However, it will still be...
  15. Kabish

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    For a windshield there is zero reason for anyone to be inside your car. For the roof, that might be a different story, I've never taken one of those out. Really still should not be a reason to be inside so long as they are using the suction glass pullers. I will 100% tell my dealer if...
  16. Kabish

    Can you use the radar cruise at low speeds like 20 mph in stop and go traffic

    I have it set to 3, 4 is just too big of a gap for my taste. 3 already invites people to cut in, which is fine, but 4 just opens the flood gates to people cutting in.
  17. Kabish

    Mustang Mach-E as Mod in GTA5

    Oh man I need this... It would relieve so much tension... Every time my damn car does not open my door with PAAK but lets me start the car, or when I open my back tailgate to only close it and have my mirrors fold in and be locked out with PAAK yet again. Or the daily "Charge can't be meet"...
  18. Kabish

    Magnetometer issues with iPhones

    It just does not work right. I have went as far as putting a piece of tape across the sides and top to bottom. It started the charge and then all the sudden it just stops, phone has not moved at all. I think the iPhone sees the charge and then for whatever reason it shuts its self off from...
  19. Kabish

    My MME gets dirty so quickly

    I'm not a fan of Aromor products in general, but I might try this out and see how it works. I'm planning on washing my cars tomorrow and it looks like my local Auto Zone sells it so I'll give it a go.
  20. Kabish

    Ford Dash Cam Hardwire Wiring Harness

    Ya, I've always hardwired mine. But with the EV I'm a little more concerned with how sensitive the battery is. From my understanding the HVB only puts a charge back into the LVB when the car is running or when its plugged in. Having your 12v get low is a death sentence to an EV and I just...