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  1. The Mach-E has too many configurations

    I configured my vehicle in one of the ways you think should be removed, so I definitely disagree. I like the appearance package on my vehicle because it upgrades the rims. Sorry im not sorry.
  2. Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling this week (on 9/9)

    I got that answer too, and it happened 3-4 times. Until it didn't and they said: "we have your VIN".
  3. Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling this week (on 9/9)

    I got my vin last week after 4.5 months, you are probably close.
  4. Production Week Delayed

    For those tracking builds, how long does it take for a vehicle to move from "production" to "built". I'm at day 7 now, expecting it to be longer (obviously).
  5. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Just added my order. Build started on 8/24. No estimated delivery date. Judging by other comments I'm thinking late October.
  6. 🧭 Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    Just call ford marketing customer service every few weeks. I ordered in May and called today and just so happened to discover my VIN and my window sticker. Since you just ordered, probably no use calling until October at the earliest.
  7. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    What is the date of your window sticker and when did you get your VIN?
  8. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Not a GT (I am a peasant who will be driving a select), but I got my VIN# today. Window sticker was dated today (unless it was an odd component that shows current date). Vehicle is "in production". But like all things Mach E, I don't know if this will take 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years.
  9. 2022 Mach-E Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Dates Released

    So many people cancelling their orders. Maybe the rest of us will get ours sooner. Prob not tho.
  10. Ford Producing 1 million chips a week

    I'm glad someone figured out the reason why the number was so high. The woman said the number so matter a factly that she either sold me or was saying the PR approved line. At the end of the day, it is good that they have some production.
  11. How the tax credit works?

    Yes, thank you! Despite my earlier efforts, I am still a moron and missed this the first time through.
  12. How the tax credit works?

    it seems like the IRS docs don't rely on dates as much as they rely on the user to specify that they qualify for 100% or 50% of the incentive. My worry is that I will have qualified and after filing the taxes I won't get that credit.
  13. How the tax credit works?

    If the tax credit is based on when you buy the vehicle, is there a spot on the taxes to denote your purchases/ownership date? Lets say I take ownership Jan. 1, 2022,I have to wait more than a year for my 2022 taxes to be paid. Is my in line ahead of those who get one months later? Or is it based...
  14. Ford Producing 1 million chips a week

    I called Ford Customer service today to get information on my Mach E order and the representative told me that the chip shortage is getting better. She said Ford is producing 1 million chips a week. (Those are her words not mine). She said the average wait time for any vehicle order is about...
  15. Installed 18x8.5 Enkei TS-V and alloy lug nuts, and shaved 6.7 lbs per wheel

    Were you able to sell the old rims? I'm considering buying new ones and these might be perfect but I don't want to toss out brand new rims from the manufacturer.
  16. Ford's tax credit availability

    Thank you. Since we haven't hit the phase out yet, I still have at least a few quarters. Hopefully this thing comes in sooner than later. Not holding my breath on that.
  17. Timeline and Tax Credit

    I ordered about 8 weeks ago and I'm sweating thinking that i might not get that rebate, but sounds like with it being eligible for two full quarters after being delivered, it sounds like many like myself are safe. But I hate all the uncertainty.