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  1. Interior cleaning

    I use this stuff on my interior and it works great. I actually use a bunch of chemical guys stuff and all of it works pretty well.
  2. iPhone 13 Pro compatibility

    I continue to have zero luck with CarPlay or sync. PaaK is working; however without a passcode. It’s like the car is constantly trying to connect to both CarPlay and sync and once it connects to one of them it kicks the phone out and starts all over again. It’s incredibly annoying. I used to...
  3. iPhone 13 Pro compatibility

    Thanks, I ignored it too and was able to set up PaaK. Just having an issue with car play now and sync/bluetooth. Won't connect to either. I'll keep messing around with it. I was having the same issue with my 11. I was just plugging it in to get car play to work, but thats not working either for...
  4. iPhone 13 Pro compatibility

    Anyone have a problem connecting with the new iPhone 13 pro? I tried to set it up and got a "device not supported" warning on FordPass. The phone actually did finally connect as a key after repeated attempts, but it it does not work as good as my old iPhone 11 and the Bluetooth and apple car...
  5. SecuriAlert going nuts!

    I turned securialert off after receiving several false notices, including one while driving. Now my charging details are off in Ford pass. Car is plugged in and it currently shows -67Kwh, 9 miles added in 16 hors of charging. It was bugged in at 0115. Been doing this all weekend.
  6. SecuriAlert going nuts!

    Been happening all day to me. Really sucks when you drop everything to go check on it and it's fine.
  7. How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    June 25th with 5,889 miles.
  8. More Mach-E GT 1/4 mile track results

    1PD = 1 pedal drive. I have read some recommended turning it off at the track. I think the assumption is auto hold may be the reason for a delay in acceleration when you put the pedal to the floor. At least in the premium 4xE it seems like there is a delay with power delivery, but I haven't...
  9. FordPass Version 3.28.0 Rolling out

    After having a great PAAK experience the past 6 weeks that I have owned my car I guess the honeymoon is over. Ever since this FP update, and my car receiving 1.4 and 1.6 updates mine has run like crap. Last night FP crashed on me while I was at the airport in the cell phone lot and I had to use...
  10. OTA 1.6.0 Power-Up Installed

    Received the 1.6.0 update last night. Build date 5/17/21
  11. Ford Express Buy

    Although not necessarily as mentioned in this article, I purchased mine remotely. I signed all the paperwork electronically, including stepping through all the finance shenanigans. When I went to the dealership (3 hours away) it was just to inspect the car, retrieve my registration and key. Very...
  12. holder for cable and 1722 I have this one. Works perfect. One day prime delivery.
  13. Happy new owner from Florida

    My range meter continues to increase. I have been averaging 272 at 100% charge now. I am very happy with the car.
  14. FordPass 3.25 released

    I have seen a slight increase in battery consumption. However, my biggest issue is when I have my car plugged in and charging the FordPass app says plugged in not charging. The car is charging in my garage. I also am having more instances where PAAK is slower to respond, or apple car play won't...
  15. Happy new owner from Florida

    I DC fast charged in Bradenton (Ellenton Premium Outlets) then stayed at my sisters in Tampa. Had 80% when I started my trip from Tampa to Jacksonville. I stopped near Orlando and then just North of Daytona at EA stations. First two worked flawlessly, the last worked great but the tap phone to...
  16. Happy new owner from Florida

    Have had one on order since March and with no end in site I shopped around and found one in Naples, Fl. Drove down from Jacksonville and picked it up Saturday (Premium 4x). Tamiami Ford completed all the paperwork via email making the process very smooth and timely. Wife and I absolutely love...
  17. SunnyvaleFord asking a 4k markup for our MachE

    Similar experience buying a demo. The Tesla dealership model is the future and dealerships should be concerned, especially when they do this crap. Hell, Ford should be concerned because this gotcha game the dealerships are playing will push Mach E buyers to Tesla. Good luck in your fight.
  18. Dealership selling used MME for $56,700

    Nope, you're not the only one. I received an offer through a dealership (MSRP) using VyStart credit unions car buying service on a Mach E I found on a lot. Turns out it was a demo car. No problem though, it will be sold as new and only has 500 miles on it. I'll wait till June 13th. Then greed...