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  1. Will my Mach e ever get here? How do I find out info?

    It doesn’t help you, but, I ordered my Mach E Premium AWD ER on 02/17/21, it was built 07/16/21, and I received it on 08/31/21. My car probably was built with the last chips! To boot it’s Infinite Blue Metallic, a color no longer available.
  2. Unscheduled 2021 rolled over to a 22

    Saying it’s totally legal is not correct. What you mean is you weren’t audited. As you noted your deal was revocable. The sale clearly took place in 2017. BTW, the date of the purchase agreement is not relevant. The date on the bill of sale or financing paperwork controls.
  3. Unscheduled 2021 rolled over to a 22

    Do you have your vin? Print down the window sticker at tracking. If they change the car from a 2021 to 2022 they should change the year code in the vin from m to n. It’s the 10th character, I think, and the window sticker should be updated. It’s something to watch for.
  4. Sync option for Brake Coach - how does this work?

    Would be nice if one pedal had a toggle on/off on the main screen. I find it hard to ‘roll’ going in and out of the garage in one peddle.
  5. Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    My cars always have sun roofs which I kept closed since I dislike sun on the back of my neck. This glass roof doesn’t bother me so I guess I’m in the like it camp. Too bad it isn’t Solar charging the battery.
  6. Ford is having back end issues. No Mach E's can be activated at this time.

    Ask them what you can use them for? I assume you now have 22,000 points.
  7. Tire pressure at delivery?

    Mine were 42 - 45. I decided to not adjust the air until checked with the digital gauge. The max psi per the tire spec is 50. I will set at 40 to be safe.
  8. Tire wear

    Probably a weight distribution issue. The wear is telling you to rotate tires at 9500 miles.
  9. I think our Mach-e is going back to Ford. Permanently.

    I also note that the post was from someone in Norway. There are a ton of variables that make SW work for some owners but not for others. Is this MachE a 1st Edition? Also, was it made in EU or Mexico? I’ve had problems with PaaK that I think were self-inflicted errors on my part. I’m still...
  10. Ford Tracking Tool Dates

    That means it isn’t yet finished. In my case it took 18 days to be built. Then 45 days to be delivered in CT.
  11. New to the site from Ohio

    I received my Premium ER AWD in August 2021. It was a frustrating 6 months since the tracking isn’t very informative. Mine is Infinite Blue Metallic.
  12. New rims MME premium AWD - Niche 256 19" wheels

    I missed that in your thread. They are nice looking rims. I saw from other posts that the open wheel is less aero. That’s why the GT has those ugly wheel covers.
  13. New rims MME premium AWD - Niche 256 19" wheels

    The MME tires are load range XL since it’s a 4600 lb car. “Lighter tires” that are not XL’s may become a sidewall blowout hazard. I can see that the tires you have on the car are not XL’s.
  14. Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    In my case the car did not auto lock. When I didn’t hear the beep I went back to retrieve the phone.
  15. Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    The learning curve is HUGE. What happened to PaaK is exactly what the system is programmed to do. It’s not a bug. Maybe put the door code and backup key code on a card in your wallet labeled as ID: PW:
  16. Mach E issues.. Hello Ford are you listening ?

    I learned the hard way that leaving my phone in the car will inactivate the PaaK. Skipping the Create Backup Key feature can be a disaster. If PaaK fails to work just enter the door code and backup key code. No FOB needed.
  17. Ford Pass forces location to be Detroit.

    Maybe the time zone is in the vehicle’s clock setup. Make sure the Automatic Time Zone Update is set to ON. Just a thought. While waiting for the Mach E, I printed the 434 page manual on 2-sided paper. It is really becoming handy.
  18. Is 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds too slow?

    My Premium AWD ER in Infinite Blue without BlueCruise was $56440 sticker. Did your price include that ADM option? I outgrew my need-for-speed so the 0-60 provided is fine for me. X-plan pricing saves about $900. Join Mustang Club of America.
  19. Ford Mobile Charger - changing plug ends

    I assumed someone traveling would be just passing through, not staying in one location. If you were instead driving to CA, 120v charging wouldn't be an option. Anyway, for your purpose the 120v is fine. In CT to RI they are slow in building the charging infrastructure. I am close to EVGO...
  20. Ford Mobile Charger - changing plug ends

    I attached my mobile charger to my wall since at home the difference between 50 amp and 32 amp, in my opinion, is not worth the cost. At home, how long it takes to charge is not important. But when traveling, who would want to charge at 110v? I will leave the MME home where there is no...