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  1. Griddlez

    Pallsapp info

    Mine's been in "paired" status to a truck w/ a whole bunch of F-150's since last Thursday. Just needs to get moving and head east 4 hours.. common trucker/uber bros hook a guy up!
  2. Griddlez

    Will my Mach e ever get here? How do I find out info?

    Does it have to be new? I know of a dealership with a used First Edition that I can vouch was well taken care of. However it's like 14 hours from Orlando. : )
  3. Griddlez

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    I haven't seen that but that is a really interesting update which points to a supplier issue and not a design issue. At the very least I guess we'll be able to confirm this when the official recall comes out.
  4. Griddlez

    PSA: Grabber blue Mach-E GT available at Arlington Heights Ford.

    It's also funny to see it has over hundred miles on it. Man, they've been test driving that puppy. I'm sure that price will come down eventually but I have to give them credit with how bold they are with that starting point lol.
  5. Griddlez

    PSA: Grabber blue Mach-E GT available at Arlington Heights Ford.

    This may be it? Sweet baby jesus that mark up.
  6. Griddlez

    PSA - Forums Have Dark (Mode) Style

    I just discovered this myself yesterday and feel like an idiot for having my retinas burned out for months by not using it but regardless.... Public Service Announcement! There is an option for Dark (Mode) Style on the forums. Just click your user name at the top right, click preferences, and...
  7. Griddlez

    Ford's next phase in leading the electric revolution Sept. 27-28

    You're probably right - even the crazy rich guy uses a third party company CATL. But at the same time how much worse could Ford (in general) in having a bigger hand in their battery tech be worse than what LG has done to GM.
  8. Griddlez

    Ford's next phase in leading the electric revolution Sept. 27-28

    Battery recycling and taking ownership of their own battery production?
  9. Griddlez

    How long till someone comes out with a custom fit trunk spoiler for the Mach-E

    I think it makes it look more coup mustang-like.
  10. Griddlez

    Mach E Car Hacking?

    So let's think through how someone could send their profile. Do you really just need a VIN or do you have to "activate" the ford pass app within the physical car? I seriously can't remember how this worked on my FE.. I think I did it after I already bought it and activated the app. And on my GT...
  11. Griddlez

    How-to See Additional Data from

    You sir are a hero and a champion. Thank you!
  12. Griddlez

    How-to See Additional Data from

    I think I may have successfully answered my own question above and have explained below. I found a chrome tool called apirequestio-ajax capture. Not promoting the tool here or saying it is safe to use but it is what I used successfully to get the additional data detail I mentioned above. Here...
  13. Griddlez

    How-to See Additional Data from

    Please see the following past after this one for a step by step process to accomplish the below: Besides going to and putting in your VIN - how are folks getting additional data points beyond that? iwii was nice enough to help me get some additional data about my upcoming delivery...
  14. Griddlez

    GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    @iwii was nice enough to look at the API data for my VIN number on the site. They shared this info with me and I am sharing here for a data point for everyone. Thanks iwii! Almost certainly this proves that the trains within the last week~ are running faster than 14 days from the...
  15. Griddlez

    GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Yes - and I am not sure if my situation, with it populating my dealer info this morning but still with "pending" means it is actually there in Kansas city or not. But if true then that means assuming the ship date was real it took 10 days instead of 14. There's a whole lot of assumption in this...
  16. Griddlez

    GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Interesting - it was shipped 9/13, and every since that date I could pull the VIN but all it said was Kansas city, null, lots of blanks, and pending at the end... then suddenly this morning it has my dealership's information populated (still w/ pending). Maybe I got too hopefully it had already...
  17. Griddlez

    GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group is a trucking company that receives the cars from the train that just arrived from Mexico, correct? They move your car to its next destination - that could be another train yard, a boat, or it could be to a delivery truck directly to a dealer if it's local enough to Kansas City.. say...
  18. Griddlez

    0-60 video from Mach-E GT Performance Edition

    ^ This man Youtubes.
  19. Griddlez

    GT PE 1100 Mile Road Trip

    I see you are in (and at least one other person in this thread) the STL area. Do you get ceramic or any other kind of paint protection done? Do you have any recommendations of shops in the area? Also car looks great - thanks for the write up!
  20. Griddlez

    Propulsion sound - V8 Mach E!

    Hmm.. our electric motors do make some "real" noise - I wonder if there would be a way to amplify that. The 1000hp track car Ford did was plenty loud. I wonder was the additional noise of it all just from the hp increases or does the normal Mach-E's have something in place to muffle the sound of...