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  1. digdug52

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    1,565 miles since March 26th. I split my driving between the Model 3 and MME and I am still working remote so both cars are not driven very many miles these days. Only trip since then, I used the Model 3 because of Supercharger on the route and I have a spare tire for the Tesla and not one for...
  2. digdug52

    Thoughts and comparisons to the MachE after driving a Tesla Model 3 over the weekend.

    It is linked to the cars cameras. Since I received the update, sometime last year, I have found the chime to be reliable and consistent. It sounds within a second after the light turns to green or green arrow for left turn only lanes. It only chimes if you are the first car stopped at the...
  3. digdug52

    Home charging options replacing Tesla charger

    1. Check with your local electricity provider to see if they have any rebates for installing an EVSE. If they do, sometimes they have a limited list that are qualified for the rebate. Also if installed by end of this year, you qualify for federal tax credit. I am not sure if it has been...
  4. digdug52

    When does the 2 year free FordPass Charging Network start from?

    Contract signed and car picked up on 3/26/2021. Charging Network trial ends 4/2/2023. I did activate after pickup date, was not sure exact date. More evidence that it is 2 years free from activation date. You might want to check all the fine print to see if there is a deadline for signing...
  5. digdug52

    Mach-E 360 camera locations??

    The Tesla sentry mode captures from the front, rear, left and right front fender cameras. There is a small blind area between the fender and front cameras on each side due to the fender cameras pointing toward the rear of the car. There are cameras in the B pillars that are not currently...
  6. digdug52

    Talk me into the Mach-E

    It is based on your total tax liability for the year. It does not matter how much you did or did not have withheld (or pre paid for self employment purposes). The $7500 is the max credit value you are allowed, so if your tax liability is only $6000, you get credit for up to $6000. I have...
  7. digdug52

    BlueCruise sign up offer invite

    Or try I-20 from Sweetwater to Pecos in west Texas. Wind turbines, oil wells and flat land is all you see other then when passing through Midland and Odessa, then you just get 2 flat cities with an airport between. 80 mph speed limit except in the cities.
  8. digdug52

    BlueCruise sign up offer invite

    I got the email and am enrolled. Will be interesting to compare Blue Cruise with my Tesla's autopilot on the same highways. I am sure there will be both pros and cons for each, excited to see the use of the infrared camera with actual no hands on steering wheel. I refuse to cheat the Tesla...
  9. digdug52

    Any good EV Charging plans from TX electricity resllsers?

    Look into this one: My contract with Green Mountain is almost up, so I am looking into this one. It saves on my normal fixed rate and gives me the 3 hour window from midnight to 3 am to charge either EV. Also, if you have a smart...
  10. digdug52

    What car did you give up for MME??

    2013 Escape Titanium FWD with 2.0 Ecoboost. It was a good car. Loved having red, so bought Rapid Red MME.
  11. digdug52

    Tesla to open charging network

    Some more information from the 7/26 2nd quarter results release: Maybe the Tesla to CCS1 adapter mentioned will increase the length enough to reach the charging port without blocking any adjacent spots. This...
  12. digdug52

    Can I use a 3-prong 240 volt plug with an adapter?

    It would be nice if Ford did make additional adapters for the mobile charger. I purchased a 10-30 adapter for my Tesla Mobile Connector when I took delivery of my Model 3 since my dryer was on the other side of the door from garage into the house. I used this as short term solution as I had...
  13. digdug52

    Tesla to open charging network

    Are you asking about an adapter for the Tesla Supercharger or the Tesla Destination Charger? There is no adapter available for Superchargers and so far there has been no announcement from Tesla for designing and selling one. There are third party adapters to use with a Tesla Destination...
  14. digdug52

    Tesla to open charging network

    In Europe, Tesla added a CCS2 cable to the superchargers, so both the Model S and X with the proprietary plug and the Model 3 with CCS2 plug can use the supercharger. Tesla has to replace the cables on the superchargers as part of the maintenance (I have no idea on what frequency or schedule...
  15. digdug52

    How many Fords have you owned?

    2 that were provided by parents: 1967 Galaxie 500 (with 289 V8) 1973 Pinto wagon (2.0 liter I4, 3 speed automatic. Most days could get 0-60 in under 3 minutes;)) The ones I bought: 1981 Escort 2 door hatchback (only manual transmission I ever owned) 1992 Explorer XLT (Caymen Green, one of my...
  16. digdug52

    [Update made it home] Stranded. PaaK and password wiped: "All Phone As A Key access and Backup Start Passcodes were removed..."

    Almost correct, PAAK came to Tesla with the Model 3 in second half of 2017. I have had my Model 3 since August 2018 and PAAK has failed only 3 times and all 3 times it was only unlocking when I had to use the card, by the time I was in the car, PAAK was recognized and I could shift to drive /...
  17. digdug52

    Standard Range AWD 70mph Mach-E Range Test

    Don't forget that there are J1772 L2 EVSE near the Yavapai Lodge entrance and in the parking lot of the Yavapai East buildings. This location also has some Tesla Destination Chargers if you happen to have a TeslaTap or similar adapter. Might not be available with the summer crowds. I was...
  18. digdug52

    FordPass 3.26 is out

    I received the 1.4.0 OTA on Friday, and when I updated the Ford Pass app to 3.26, the SECURIALERT is available option (turned off). I did not have Ford Pass running at the time of update since I have not driven the car since Saturday and did not want the phone battery usage issue. All good...
  19. digdug52

    How far above MSRP should I go?

    One thing to remember, unless you search for and can find an inventory car available, the current wait for delivery on Model Y orders is 7 to 12 weeks on the Performance model and in October for the non performance dual motor.
  20. digdug52

    According to my Tax guy, I need a certificate of some sort that says my Mach e is qualified for the Tax Credit.

    Agree with all the responses. When I did my 2018 Taxes, all I had to do was provide the VIN of my Model 3 on form 8936 (Tesla still qualified for full tax credit for purchases through 12/31/2018). There might be some minor changes, but I did not have to provide any copy of the certificate...