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  1. EyeOnMachE

    Mach-E Web Series - Part 1: Designing the new Mustang

    Something was off about this webinar at least with regards to asking questions via the Q&A section of the Webex. I asked multiple questions which not only did not get answered but didn't appear in the video reply provided above. So either my questions some how did not go through or they were...
  2. EyeOnMachE

    Ford Launches Mach-E Live Immersion Four-Part Web Series (Behind the Scenes and Q&A)

    Ahh, I was wonder WTH was going on. Thanks for passing that along. UPDATE: Hmm, now I'm getting the following in a pop up: Imported 0 out of 1 event. Some of the events in this file were not imported because you had imported them to Google Calendar before. Other events in this file have...
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    Beat the Rush. Order a vanity plate yet?

    Illinois has vanity plates but unfortunately not for EVs as they are special plates (in the boring form of #### EL) so I never really gave it any thought what I would get. However, while on a road trip I came across this plate that gave me a chuckle ...
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    Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    Some quick observations from second pic (driver seat view): * AM/FM/SiriusXM * 3.7 mi/kWh * 93% Soc, 239 mi remain (So just under 257 mi range. Ford's estimated EPA for FE is 270) * FE has extended range (98.8 kWh prior to new nbrs w/ buffering). Using above nbrs yields about an approx BP size...
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    Camping Mode

    So getting back to the OP ... Has it been confirmed if the MME will have a camping mode or not? If it will, what exactly, besides obviously the climate control system, will be available for operation? E.g. the media center? Certain lights? Will certain functions turn off after a period of...
  6. EyeOnMachE

    Best Guess on When Premium Trims Will Start Arriving

    With a 13k res number he just might. But again, I think one's location will play a big part in this. My res # is less than 13k and I don't expect delivery in 2020. Also, and I know this is self imposed, but I will not be signing any papers and/or ponying up any more money at this time until...
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    New Instagram post

    Do you always interpret sayings so literally? It's the intent, the interpretation behind the saying. It's meant for one (or company) to make sure the execution of practice (design, testing, production, etc) is not just a matter of going through the motions, or worse by practicing with incorrect...
  8. EyeOnMachE

    Best Guess on When Premium Trims Will Start Arriving

    FWIW, at the end of July I asked my local Ford dealer that I specified on my reservation when is the earliest they would have a demo for me to check out and test drive. They estimated early December. I suspect which and when a dealer will receive a demo, if at all, will vary (possibly based on...
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    Happy Debut Ford Mustang - April 17th, 1964

    A little fun fact on this day in history. 56 years ago today ... The Ford Mustang is officially unveiled by Henry Ford II at the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York, on April 17, 1964. That same day, the new car also debuted in Ford showrooms across America and almost 22,000 Mustangs...
  10. EyeOnMachE

    "Ford Exit Warning Warns Cyclists When A Door Is Opening" posted today this article where Ford has new tech that can help a avoid collision with opening car doors. As a cyclist I find this be welcomed technology. Will be interesting to see which Ford models will adapt this technology first and how effective it will be. Source...
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    Ford Reiterates Deliveries of First Edition or Premium Mach-E Expected Late This Year. GT Will Arrive Summer 2021

    My comment was based on hybrid2bev's comment of "The FE includes all of the premium trim features plus the extras as previously described. So for example, the Premium trim could be package #300 and the FE would be package #301 that includes all of the #300 features ++. " Based on that the...
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    Ford Reiterates Deliveries of First Edition or Premium Mach-E Expected Late This Year. GT Will Arrive Summer 2021

    Actually the Premium would be a sub-set package of the FE. Or said another way, the FE would be a "super-set" package of the Premium trim. As for the nitpicking discussions trying to interpret delivery the FE and Premium trims in 2020, IIRC the FE reservations were capped at 50k. I don't...
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    Ford Mustang Mach-E Timeline (Reservation to Delivery)

    Been wondering about how one would switch dealers on their reservation. If I end needing to do that I'd rather do it sooner than wait to latter, however, I haven't found any ability to do that within the Ford's website regarding my reservation. I'm guessing one would have to call Ford...
  14. EyeOnMachE

    Tax Credits

    Got it. I mistakenly read "Congress decided late Monday not to raise that threshold to 600,000, while reducing the EV credit to $7,000," as two separate statements - congress shot down the threshold increase "but instead" lowered the EV credit to $7000. So I thought there was news / documents...
  15. EyeOnMachE

    Tax Credits

    Really? Thanks, but I had already taken a cursory look there and the most recent document (out of millions!) I could find was dated Dec 14th, which is 3 days prior to the Forbes article at the link provided above. Finding a document at is the proverbial finding a needle in a haystack...
  16. EyeOnMachE

    Tax Credits

    Thanks. Could you supply a link to a source indicating this?
  17. EyeOnMachE

    Tax Credits

    So at a minimum we lost $500 off the maximum federal tax credit. When does this take effect, Jan 1, 2020?
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    Ford Mustang Mach-E Timeline (Reservation to Delivery)

    So you're saying one of the first items in their timeline, "Dealers call or email to congratulate first Mach-E customers" is already incorrect? That would be some-what embarrassing. Considering today is the first day of winter they still have the next 3 months to make contact and not blow...
  19. EyeOnMachE

    Mach-E on Display at Some Dealers Now

    Exactly, me too. Short of taking it for a test ride would be able to at least sit in it, Just doing that can greatly advance the decision process (seats comfortable, position of steeling wheel and controls, sight lines, etc.). BTW, according to the CAS 2020 website under "debut vehicles"...