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  1. Az MachE

    Mach-E tester crashed into during evaluation

    I'm sure there is a personal injury attorney on it now.
  2. Az MachE

    Ford Pass

    All good here in AZ.
  3. Az MachE

    Phoenix area dealers with ADM (MSRP markup)

    Just remember, if you have placed your order online, and it was accepted by the dealer that you chose, then there is NO way of changing your dealer unless you cancel your order, pray for a $500 refund from them, and then step to the back of the line in placing your new order.
  4. Az MachE

    Phoenix area dealers with ADM (MSRP markup)

    I have my order placed at Peoria Ford. John Stewart is the sales manager and is head of the Mach E sales. I was able to get in an email that my Mach E order is MSRP, no dealers add ons or mark-ups, no dealer packages, and IF x-plan is available, they will accept it.
  5. Az MachE

    Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    Hey ChasingCoral, your Mach E looks great, but it's in the wrong driveway.
  6. Az MachE

    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I am just glad that Ford is working out the fine details now versus still working out major ones. I would rather wait a little bit longer for a Mach E that is well built , than get a Tesla that is falling apart with a poor paint job.
  7. Az MachE

    Arizona Dealerships Good and Bad Referrals

    Wanted to know what other Arizona Mach E buyers are finding with their dealers, good or bad. There are many in the Phoenix metro area to choose from, but how are we being treated? My order is at Peoria Ford and they have not accepted my order (placed 6/26) because my long time salesperson is out...