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  1. Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    Just a note that the new Ford connected charger is now listed at summit racing: Saw it while shopping for my air intake and exhaust for the mach-e. 😅😅
  2. Shopping for a Home Charger

    Been using a ClipperCreek LCS-20P unit with our Fusion Energi. No issues to report in the 6 months we've had it. Its plugged into a 60-amp circuit in the garage. Probably upgrade to something with some more power after the Mach-E arrives. BK2EV
  3. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order # 10007045 Sub date: 6/27/20 Country: USA State: VA Color: Rapid Red Trim & Drivetrain: Premium AWD Range: Extended
  4. Ford Notifies Mach-E Reservers of Order Completion “In The Next Few Days”

    Got mine tonight too. Premium AWD. No mention of credit approval. But it did have the free charging info in there. BK2EV
  5. Let's start thinking about a delivery time Mid-Atlantic meetup

    Coral, Hello from Northern VA... Premium, AWD, ER Red on reservation... #7045... Upgrading from a 19 Fusion PHEV. Skyline is a nice drive.... Gary, we took the train out of Cumberland a few years ago.... Drive through frequently going to PA. Assuming some level of normalcy returns...