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  1. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    I think that's just the standard 30 days max shipping travel timeframe ford normally uses when not in a global pandemic and chip shortage. Mine says the same thing.
  2. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Maybe not all of them can? Like lower volume dealers or dealers who don't sell a ton of mustangs? My buddy worked at a Chevy dealer and they were able to get a C8 allocation mainly because they sold a lot of vets. All types of weird shit like that in dealers. Add the first attempt at a can't...
  3. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Im sure. My dealer gave it to me after I came in to complete the online order. Priority code is right in the top middle of the form. Someone on the forum explained the 10 is the lowest a dealer can set an order. Some have posted as high as 19 if I remember correctly. Has to mean something, even...
  4. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    What is your priority code on your order sheet? People are saying that dealer allocation does not matter, but it has to to some degree. I ordered mine from the #1 volume dealer in my area and my code has been 10 from the onset. Maybe that is one of the factors?
  5. Concept before the Mustang Mach-E

    Would have gotten bigger tires and better range. I would not have bought, but still . Such are the constraints on function that form makes.
  6. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    DMG GT 360 and moon roof. 9-6 build week. Built 9-15 and "shipped" on 9-18.
  7. My GT Performance Edition (GTPE) first track launch with videos, timeslip! 0-60 in 4.12s, 1/4 mile in 12.567 @ 100.02 mph

    Yeah, as a self proclaimed stop sign racer I plan on taking delivery of my GT as well. Little disappointed that my GT is as fast as my wife's pending MY LR, but at least Ill love the look of the car I'm in. Will probably finance instead of options so it will be easier to get out of if I want...
  8. Calm Screen Shortcut Discovered

    He did make it seem super casual didn't he? We need some butt dyno past 60.
  9. Calm Screen Shortcut Discovered

    What?! How do you know the update was for the motors? What is it called? You posted that so casually and none of the drag nuts have yet to respond...
  10. Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    We installed ours for all the same reason as you with the addition of needing a longer cord to reach both cars since we park outside our 1 car garage in the driveway.
  11. More Mach-E GT 1/4 mile track results

    They should add an "Unbridled Expended" mode below extended as a drag feature. Of course we need more up top in general, but still...
  12. Propulsion sound - V8 Mach E!

    Porsche does it right. Their cars sounds like the future of performance. The Mach E sounds like an eco boost with a bad alternator. While I don't want a fake ass V8 sound, I don't want the watered down electronic V8 sound we get now. I think a selection from a few options and sound levels would...
  13. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    My palsapp says its pending to go to New Castle Delaware. That doesn't mean that it's bypassing KC right, just that it's not getting on a truck until it gets from KC to DE?
  14. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Yeah, shop Ford says waiting to be shipped while fyi says it was shipped on the 18th. Both have an ETA between 10-25 and 10-31. We shall see if these mass 10-31 dates actually means anything.
  15. GT Mach-E ordering starts next week - 4/28! Who's ordering?

    Mine shows built 9-15-21 and waiting for shipping with the built bubble checked on On fyi it shows shipped 9-18-22. Not sure any of this means it was actually chipped or chipped and shipped.
  16. Frunk Open Button (via App) Update

    Whoa, those widgets are pimp! Have to try that after I get my GT.
  17. Shadow Black GT - first impressions

    Congrats! These cars look great in black went with DMG instead of black because my last 4 cars were black. Wanted to switch it up without going too far off my normal tastes. Can't wait to see some pics. Enjoy!
  18. Mach-E will not be selected for scheduling next week (of 9/13)

    Mine has been 10 from the start. Not sure really what good that has done me. I guess we'll see how long mine takes to ship now that it is built (9/15).
  19. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    Are they just saving up a bunch of August and September orders to get chipped and shipped at the same time?