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  1. MachE GT test drive + canceled order available in CLT, NC

    I actually purchased our MME long range premium from Chris about a month ago. He was GREAT to work with. I got lucky and saw the MME on the show room floor when I was there for work (Speedway Motorsports). It was for sale as bought it on the spot for sticker price. Whole transaction took...
  2. Can't open driver's door first

    So I was able to remove the upper panel and reset the battery. Took all of 5 minutes and PAAK is now working perfectly for the all the doors :) So simple and didn't have to go to the dealership. Thanks, Ken~
  3. Can't open driver's door first

    Just so I am clear, from the manual here: On page 13 that is the part you are referring to that I need to take off, correct? Thanks, Ken~
  4. Can't open driver's door first

    I am having the same problem with out MME. I can walk up to the car with PAAK and have to keep hitting the unlock (circle) button on the drivers door. After about 8-10 seconds it will finally open. However, if I walk up to the passenger front door it will open nearly the first time every...
  5. PAAK works on passenger door every time... Why?

    We just got our MME a few wks ago and I have everything setup on 2 different Android phones for PAAK. I myself do not have an issue with needing to open the FordPass app each time I am walking up to the MME to get in. However, the better half has no patience for that. I discovered though that...
  6. Stop horn beep with auto lock on

    Perfect that worked like a charm. I have been all over the settings trying to figure out how to stop the horn. THANKS! Ken~
  7. Stop horn beep with auto lock on

    Is there a way to stop the horn from honking when walking away from the car, but still have the auto lock feature on? On my old Honda CRV I had the auto lock feature on, but was able to disable the horn. With both of us using PAAK its annoying when we park in the garage and walk in the house...
  8. Charlotte Mach E owners / dealer experiences

    I just bought my Mach-E from them last week. I was lucky and just happened to look online and saw they had one. Called to make sure it was still available and it was. I was there 10 min later and kept the keys in my hand until the better half could make it down to purchase. The whole thing...