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  1. RickMachE

    X-Plan at my dealer?

    X-Plan pin gets presented when you pickup the car, not order it. If the dealer takes X-Plan on Mach-Es, you're fine.
  2. RickMachE

    Sync option for Brake Coach - how does this work?

    Good try, but it is a break warning, not a coach...
  3. RickMachE

    Sync option for Brake Coach - how does this work?

    I think you can use the 3rd memory button to see just mirrors, and that's quicker to hit.
  4. RickMachE

    How long till someone comes out with a custom fit trunk spoiler for the Mach-E

    One person's "I have to have it" is another person's "I can't believe you did that to a $60,000 vehicle". ;)
  5. RickMachE

    Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    It adds brightness to the vehicle, but the visibility is for back seat passengers, those in the front really get little benefit except brightness.
  6. RickMachE

    Best practice before every journey?

    Charge to 100%. Plan trip carefully, with contingencies. Be flexible.
  7. RickMachE

    Mach E updates

    Every vehicle is made with the most current software. What exists when they setup the vehicle, you get. Always can be new things on the horizon. Neither of the things you list are in any vehicle yet.
  8. RickMachE

    My MME gets dirty so quickly

    IMO, which is worth something only to me, too many people spend way too much time on the appearance of their vehicles, instead of enjoying them. Guy that used to live across the street had 4 or 5 vehicles at one time. Used to array them on his front lawn and take pictures. Washed all the...
  9. RickMachE

    Blue Cruise Availability Date

    You stated "when I use BlueCruise now". You're not using BlueCruise, your vehicle does not have it. Based on your delivery date, you have the prep package. When BlueCruise comes out via OTA update, you will have to pay $600 to activate it.
  10. RickMachE

    Charging while raining?

    No reason to ever unplug it IMO. The chance of getting hit by lightning and a surge is so remote, and it's under warranty...
  11. RickMachE

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    I had a very good Safelite tech do my F-150 windshield, I may suggest they use him if they use Safelite.
  12. RickMachE

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    And it won't show up for a while. Late October for repairs.
  13. RickMachE

    FordPass Trips, Range & GOM.

    We just drove close to 3,000 miles in a few weeks. Michigan to Florida to South Carolina to Michigan. I posted a thread about our charging experience. Some things I learned: - Remember that you can't use the KW put into the car from FordPass, EA, or anything else, because there is some loss...
  14. RickMachE

    National Drive Electric Week.......

    Raining so the one in Livonia is out. There is one in Pittsfield Township on 10/3, but right now there's less than a dozen registered. Regarding letting people inside it, I will not be doing that.
  15. RickMachE

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    I have mine going in Monday for the high fan speed, and I had them looking at the wind buffeting noise we experienced during our trip. I'll still have them do a visual inspection, and we'll have to later schedule the removal of both the roof and windshield and reattachment when they're ready...
  16. RickMachE

    Blue Cruise Availability Date

    GTs are not getting it. GTs are coming from the factory with it. No OTA update has been sent to anyone.
  17. RickMachE

    First Post - Broken Heart - Car Would not Start - Solved (Update 9/24/21)

    Get home, plug in. 12v battery will charge if it needs to. Yes, driving charges it. Remote starting, driving daily, setting departure times - are all unnecessary to keep the 12v battery charged. Just plug it in.