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  1. 2FlyMache

    Ford and Sk Innovations to spend $11 billion on four new battery and EV plants

    I've said this before but I do think that Elon is going to move away from cars and lean into infrastructure. As more of the mainstream automakers get fully into EV production, it will be hard for him to compete with them in production and quality. I don't think it will happen in the next decade...
  2. 2FlyMache

    iOS 15

    I have the 12 pro and Carplay connected but I did have to remove my Amazon Music app and reinstall to get it to work again. Only issue I seen so far. Try going into setting and turning it off and back on again
  3. 2FlyMache

    Signature Wheel Track Series SV502 - 20x9.5

    Very Nice! I really liked the 22 setup I saw in an earlier post. Would love to see some wheel options for the RR cars
  4. 2FlyMache

    Do you regret the panoramic sun roof

    Yeah, I love mine! I had got the shade for it and installed it for most of the summer but doubt I'll put it back in. It really doesn't let any heat in and love the light it brings in.
  5. 2FlyMache

    iOS 15

    Updated to 15.0 and my Amazon Music is not connecting but other Carplay apps are working. I deleted and reinstalled Amazon Music but haven't gotten to test whether it's working now.
  6. 2FlyMache

    Mach-E does a great job in Norwegian Tesla/Porsche Artic Circle race

    Just was up there in Anchorage to fly fish for Salmon. Gorgeous!
  7. 2FlyMache

    Garage Door Opener

    Yeah, I was surprised on how far away mine works as well. Always works as well
  8. 2FlyMache

    Very slippery when wet. Looking for advice

    My AWD has been awesome in the rain here in GA. The only issue I had was hitting a big puddle of standing water on highway that almost sent me into median. Took foot off of go pedal and she straightened back out. That being said, I will be putting Continental Extreme Contact DWS Plus 245's on my...
  9. 2FlyMache

    Got my first electric bill.... share yours

    According to Wallbox app, I"m using roughly $60/mo to charge my car. I drive 100 per day so 2000 miles per month. Was spending around $240 per month in Gas with a Lexus Hybrid
  10. 2FlyMache

    Finally got my MME back after getting rear-ended. Another data point for repair cost and parts availability.

    I'm in Georgia so this might not be the same for you but I had a brand new LR Discovery Sport with 1300 miles that was rear ended and instead of using Insurance which always want to low ball you, I found a company that specializes in Diminished Value claims. It cost around $300 but got me $6000...
  11. 2FlyMache

    OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    Yeah, this was a good listen and confirms what I hoped to happen and that's as they get more empirical data then we'll see more software updates. So, faster charging speeds are coming, I expect range increases as well as performance increases as well. I thought it was interesting if I heard it...
  12. 2FlyMache

    Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    That sucks, mine was very easy to remove. Since I installed the longer one we've had a ton of torrential rain here in GA and it's worked flawlessly. Much better view out back
  13. 2FlyMache

    Does the Mach-E lose charge while sitting?

    I went to Alaska in July for 10 days and left my car at my friends house but not on charge. It was pretty much the same but I did have some setting issues to resolve
  14. 2FlyMache

    Let’s Discuss the Charge Port Door (and DC Charge Pin Cover Too!)

    I've found the same, press right where the plunger is and hold it closed for a second and it stays latched
  15. 2FlyMache

    Mach E GT on the Tail of the dragon

    I agree, I really like that color on the GT.
  16. 2FlyMache

    Comparison: Mach-e and I-Pace (2022)

    Not so sure he'll like the Jag service lol. I have a Range Rover Sport and it's okay but not as good as BMW or Mercedes. Definitely better then ford though. Lexus is very good also.
  17. 2FlyMache

    Model S Plaid & Mach E Rt 1 Roadtrip by MKBHD

    Absolutely this!! I love the convenience of my home charger but they need more of them in places where people rent and don't have garages. Maybe part of your rent?
  18. 2FlyMache

    GT/GTPE real world range

    Very tired of the nonsense in those threads
  19. 2FlyMache

    Trip computer and range efficiency

    That's exactly how I do my trip meters. I've got 6500 miles and trip 2 shows 3.3 mi/kw average and my GOM reflects that,