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  1. Would a '22 be a better deal?

    Mach-e total US deliveries is somewhere around 15k to 20k so far. Lightning start production in the spring of 2022 (no exact month specified) and will have limited production in 2022. If you take delivery anytime in 2022 you should be fine on the credit as currently written - but who knows...
  2. 2022 Mach-E ordering (hopefully) starts on September 30th. Who's ordering?

    Slight correction - it is the number of EVs sold in the US. Deliveries outside of the country (Europe/Canada/etc.) don't count against the total.
  3. Mach E GT/GTPE Upgrades

    Probably the biggest (and safest) gains would come from weight reduction - this is a fat pig! Carbon fiber hood, rear seat delete, lightweight seats, etc. If you want to go nuts, there are a lot of high power, high efficiency power electronic options out there - but they are $$$$.
  4. Still some software tweaks needed

    I have seen this bug reported elsewhere, but what really got me about this post is I thought for a second you were getting to play with a prototype F150 Lightning!
  5. EV tax credit boost: At up to $12,500, here’s how the two versions compare

    Looks like they are talking about the income ceiling going lower. Letts at least hope that (if they do lower it), it is at least per individual and not per family and that it phases out and is not a cliff...
  6. What is the better charging habit for battery health?

    I know, but if we want to get absolute about what is best for the battery, then keeping it at 50% and just storing the car is best for it. Of course then, what is the point!
  7. 2022 Mach-E ordering (hopefully) starts on September 30th. Who's ordering?

    Reservations for the Lightning have been open since May 19th. I put mine in on June 3rd. No chance. They are over 150k reservations now which (depending on conversion rate) is all of 2022 and most or all of 2023 production - potentially into 2024. I put my reservation in on 6/3 (about 90k in...
  8. Blue Cruise Availability Date

    Republican leaning states are upset that is isn't called "redcruise" so Ford is working on a parallel system that renames itself when it crosses state boundaries.
  9. Mach E GT 70+ Acceleration Issue - Video

    Thank you so much for this. While not as fast as we would all like, that still seems like plenty of power to pass safely at highway speeds.
  10. Winter Range

    I didn't even realize the typo in that sentence until now. I will leave it as a reminder to double check myself and to amuse/confuse the masses😁.
  11. What is the better charging habit for battery health?

    Not exactly correct. You only get access to ~90% of the battery, but that reserve is divided between the top and bottom, so 100% charge is really ~95% and 0% charge is really ~5%.
  12. More Mach-E GT 1/4 mile track results

    I think the stickier tires have some to do with it as well - GTPE can put the power down a little better and needs less software modulation (traction control).
  13. Winter Range

    We need to do a better job of describing cold when talking about this. Let's use actual temperatures to compare. Very cold in Florida is probably a substantially lower temperature than a warm winter day in Maine.
  14. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    Yeah, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. The fuel savings (and tax incentive) just help offset the higher cost of the vehicle to some degree.
  15. Is it normal for the dealer to have a supposed delivery date for me when the online tracker still doesn't even show a production date?

    If it helps, the trackers don't show anything for me either, but my dealer has a build week for me (shared his report) of 10/25. Got the VIN and build week at the same time.
  16. More Mach-E GT 1/4 mile track results

    Nice run!
  17. OTA Mach-E DC Fast Charging speed and threshold increases coming this winter

    Agreed, but for us our ICE F150 is the family road trip vehicle and that role will move to the Mach-e when we get it (at least until my Lightning arrives). This is a real world comparison for my family. We were actually planning out a vacation for next summer recently and it would cost around...
  18. The Mach-E has too many configurations

    GT - select lines up nicely with the Base ICE GT model - all power, not many frills - keeps the weight down.
  19. The Mach-E has too many configurations

    Almost all of the options they have are shades of grey - we need more colors!