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  1. Mach-E Upcoming Auto Show Appearances?

    With all these shows and events being delayed, it seems many of us will have to wait until they are at dealerships to see one in person. :confused:
  2. How will you mod your Mach-E?

    What kind of mods have people been doing with Teslas? Probably see a lot of overlap there.
  3. Mach-E Most Popular Colors Reserved/Ordered by State

    This doesn't tell us much without raw numbers. Since the majority of reservations from CA it looks like infinite blue may be leading the way. BTW you can tell that's infinite blue versus the slightly darker one that is carbonized gray for North Dakota, Missouri, etc.
  4. First Model Year Build Quality

    This is a good point and the silver lining of getting it months later in the US. Though major mechanical issues might not show up for a while. I would fully expect some fit/finish issues but no more than with Tesla which has had more than their share of problems.
  5. What Color Red?

    Rapid Red is one of those colors that seems to change dramatically depending on lighting. In the header photo it looks almost like the Ruby Red color for the Mustang. I personally wish it looked more like that, the dark maroon color is sporty but a bit less race car looking.
  6. Roof glass and A/C

    Might be a stupid question but does the dimming glass come standard? It's been a while but I think in the F150 the auto dimming mirrors were optional on the XL and XLT trim but standard on the Lariat and above.
  7. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    I had not seen that before. Thanks for posting it and the summary of what was on the second page, very helpful.
  8. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Can you post? I'm sure many of us would be interested.
  9. Build your own LEGO Mach-E

    I work with LEGOS in my day job and came across this.