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  1. How much larger a tire can fit on premium wheels?

    I like our Leaf....ok. I have a couple of complaints about it. The center console the way it is v shaped hurts my knee and cramps my leg room very badly. (It is my wife's car mostly so that is why I did not let it factor in our decision to purchase.) The wheels are butt ugly.....IMO No...
  2. How much larger a tire can fit on premium wheels?

    I was looking at the wheel wells of the MME and wondering what type/size tire I would replace the OEM tires with in a couple of years. Realistically the OEM tires rarely last more than 30k miles with any good tread left. I wonder how much larger a tire I could put on the premium rims before...
  3. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I too, cannot stand the eco mode on our Leaf SL Plus. Although it does add about 20 miles to the range I feel like I am driving something like a Nissan or Versa or similar car with a 90hp sewing machine engine. When I want to go.....I need it to go. We average right at 4 m/kw here in the...
  4. Trunk space side by side compare with Model Y and Mach E

    I carted my kids around in a Ford Escort Wagon for about three years when they were young. Everybody survived, even when we could not run the air conditioning in the middle of summer because engine would overheat........I would have loved the room in the Mach E.
  5. Video Shows Mach-E Underbody / Undercarriage

    Well, I am impressed with the underbody streamlining. There are no transmissions, oil pans, differentials etc. sticking down to raise the drag coefficient. Air should slip under the car almost uninhibited except for wheels.
  6. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    I only use Pandora or a thumb drive for music so as long as I can get to those two I will be fine.
  7. Does anyone plan to use AM radio in their Mach-E?

    The last time I used AM radio was when a 8-track tape jammed up the tape player and I had no choice...........
  8. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Has anybody with any contacts at the plant had any recent news/updates???
  9. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    It is quantum horse feed for all those electric ponies..........
  10. Tire and control arm wear and tear.

    Looks to me like several issues at large here. Tires were not rotated and there was some front end Mis-alignment. Was that due to faulty control arms or the owner just not paying attention. Considering the shape of the tires, The owner was negligent in the care of the vehicle. He was driving...
  11. Mustang Mach-E Die Cast Model Car?

    Write customer service at Matchbox or Hot Wheels.......
  12. EPA range and efficiency of MME

    Uh Oh. I must have missed something. Has production been moved up to September??? I thought production was slated to start Oct 26th......
  13. Admit it. You want this

    Hmm. Would I turn one down if given to me........................No Way. Imagine the looks you would get cruising around town in one of these.....much less the look on some young kids face when you leave him eating your dust. The 60's had such a run of beautiful cars. My baby was a 68 Olds...
  14. Shopping for a Home Charger

    I have used this JuiceBox charger for both my Chevy Bolt and the Nissan Leaf Plus. Have had no problems in three years. My version is a different color but basically the same. The softwqre and app works great though it is redundant with cars with their own software app...
  15. B&O sound system design

    One midrange on the dash.....hmmm. The first thing I have done in my last few vehicles is disconnect that middle midrange as it ruins the stereo effect. I have also not been very impressed with factory installed tweeters lately either. Manufacturers brag about how many speakers their system...
  16. What else have you electrified?

    Nissan Leaf Plus Ryobi Electric riding mower EGO push mower EGO Chain saw EGO Weed Eater EGO Blower
  17. What're you upgrading from?

    2019 Nissan Leaf SL Plus
  18. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order Number 10025908 Submitted 12/15/2019 Order Converted 7/7/2020 Premium AWD Ext Range Star White Metallic with Grey Interior
  19. Change of Dealership

    Heads Up. My dealership showed up as changed this evening. Looks like they are finally doing them. Suggest everyone check their reservation page. Ours is now ordered.
  20. Change of Dealership

    Yes. You will keep your place in line before new reservations going in now.