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  1. Everyone needs to contact their Ford dealer.

    I also have a Select on order.....I have an "order code" of 4926 placed on 7-10-20, don't know what that all means besides the obvious......I did have a reservation number that was created on 12-11-19......also I am in NJ, USA......
  2. phone help, as it relates to the mach e

    Oh, one thing, is the amount of data in any particular phone plan important, as it relates to the mach e??.....remember I most likely not use aa new phone for much other than how it relates to the car....thanks again
  3. phone help, as it relates to the mach e

    Thanks to all of you who have have given me great info......I really do not need a lot of the bells and whistles that come with our cars to 2013 c max energi, I plug in when I need a charge, period......I don't do any of the pre conditioning or other
  4. phone help, as it relates to the mach e

    Hi all.....first of all I am embarrassed to ask these questions (although none of you know me, haha).....I DO NOT have a cell is a flip phone, hardly ever used......I have a select mach e on order and I am wondering what I will miss out on without the smartphone (obviously...
  5. The Truth About Electric Cars Biggest Problem

    Well said!!!!!......I couldn't agree with you more!!!!! a retired science teacher, I just can't believe when people ignore the science and more important the facts.....
  6. Does a tire repair kit expire?

    on my 2013 C Max, the car gave a warning, time to replace you get a low tire pressure warning....I assume the mach e will do at least that considering how advanced it is compared to the C Max
  7. Making of a New Breed: Remixing the Mustang Mach-E's Electronic Propulsion Noises

    I agree.....I have no need for 0-60 times, loud car noises, but if that's what someone else likes fine with me......what's the saying. "to each his own"......over the last 15 or so years, I've gone from classic rock, to classical, to quiet when driving (of course, I still listen to all the music...
  8. Preview of Mach-E’s Digital Interactive In-Vehicle Owner’s Guide

    I too want a paper copy....also I hope we have access to the digital how-to videos that were mentioned in the "training for dealers" BEFORE we get our cars......when I bought my 2013 c max the how-to's were a great help!!!, but BEFORE I got the was a good feeling, getting into my new...
  9. Reservation Automatically Converted to Order Overnight

    Hi, I converted my reservation to an order on 7-10-20.....both my reservation and converting to order took place at the dealer.....I like face to face, and have never had a problem with my dealer here in NJ......the order code is the "dealer order number" as told to me by the dealer manager that...

    valet mode is so you can stop someone from messing with your settings.....for example when you go to a restaurant with valet parking, or a parking garage.....i have it in my c max energi, but to be honest, i never use it
  11. What is the likelihood being able to see and sit inside a Mach E before our own shows up?

    I had to convert my reservation at the dealer because that is where I made the reservation......this is as new to the dealers as well as all of us, so there was some calling FORD but it got done in a day or two......I dealt with one of the managers, the salesman that took my reservation (their...
  12. how to videos

    These seem general, I'd like very specific to the mach e, but thanks for digging these up....
  13. how to videos

    I may have messed up, but here's what I wanted to post.......when I was getting ready to buy my 2013 c max, I had found how to videos produced by FORD.......the videos ranged in length from 2 to 7 or so min.......they were VERY informative and very easy to understand (well done) and covered all...
  14. Dealer manually confirmed my order

    Is the $2500 rebate from Ford or your state??
  15. Estimated monthly cost for a lease in NJ?

    I found that phase 2 should start sometime in July/August
  16. Estimated monthly cost for a lease in NJ?

    Excuse my ignorance, do you know when the phase 2 begins or has the state not told us that.....thanks
  17. New Jersey is plugged in!

    I agree about the spending of the $$$$, I only paid $40,000 for my house 45 years ago, and even if the $$ has a different "value" it can be shocking to some of us.....I guess talking about the c max, I was hoping my experience might be the same with the mme, I mean if nothing else Ford knows...
  18. New Jersey is plugged in!

    sorry my reply is not to Tim, dbsb3233.......
  19. New Jersey is plugged in!

    I have to admit I am truly lacking compared to the knowledge that some of you have......when I bought the c max, I did some research but what some of you know makes me feel like a newbee.........when reading some of the c max forum comments I felt the be honest, I don't know from...
  20. New Jersey is plugged in!

    Sweetheart is how I would describe my dog too.......seeing her brings back memories for you, and when I see your picture, it brings back memories for me......I had a black lab that would sleep on her back, too.......great picture.....