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  1. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    Two things: 1) I probably won't qualify, and 2) I never drive a car for more than 3 years. I get anxious to drive something new on a 2-3 year cycle.
  2. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    If Volvo/Polestar was owned by any other company than one underwritten by the Chinese government, I'd be all for it. China has enough of my personal data.
  3. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    Exactly. Which is partly why getting $7,500 a year later doesn't matter to me. And by the way, when I had my Ford Fusion Energi, Ford simply rolled that money into the downpayment (I leased the car through Ford Credit). So unless the rules have changed in the past 6 years, which is possible, it...
  4. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    Not in 2021. The $7,500 wouldn't be in my pocket until 2022 unless I file estimated taxes next year. Even then, the MY is still less expensive.
  5. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    That's exactly the point of my comment: I don't care about contract end options, particularly when the tech is improving each year. Tesla is about to announce an all-new battery that will either extend range dramatically, reduce weight and cost for the same range as in current vehicles, or a...
  6. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    In terms of who owns the car, sure. But cash flow is cash flow. Who gets the title to the vehicle is utterly irrelevant to me.
  7. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Annnnnnd... Just cancelled my order for the MME. Considering my options at the moment. I might get a MY for March '21 delivery, or the new Bronco Sport (which I think is a great looking vehicle) for delivery in the same time frame. I contemplated the Escape Plug-in Hybrid as an alternative but...
  8. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    A $300 monthly payment difference between a MME and a Mercedes S-Class would not be absurd, regardless of how it's financed. A $300 monthly payment difference between two equivalent vehicles in the same class IS absurd.
  9. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    I used that last year and nearly choked when it said that I would owe a king's ransom at the end of the year. I still owed at the end of the year, but it was less than half the amount estimated.
  10. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    Payroll tax withholding no longer applies since the change to a much higher standard deduction. The rules changed in the 2019 tax year.
  11. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    I know it isn't a lease. But a $300 per month difference is absurd, and the tax credit can't be rolled into the upfront cost. Moreover, it would take a year to get in my case since I would have to claim it on my income tax.
  12. 2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    All well and good, but I agree with the comment that we need to be able to enter A/X/Z Plan PIN code information to calculate the selling price. And, frankly, unless Ford gets serious about financing through Ford Options, the company can pound sand. $850/month is what the website is currently...
  13. Ford Launches Mach-E Live Immersion Four-Part Web Series (Behind the Scenes and Q&A)

    That competitive Ford Options plan had better come soon. I've just scheduled a MY test drive for this Saturday. Under the current Ford Options calculator, I would be paying $850/mo for a 3 yr/36,000 mi lease on my MME as configured. Even with A/Z-Plan, it doesn't fall below about $800/mo...
  14. Has anyone crunched the Ford Option numbers?

    No matter how I play with the numbers, the financial justification for this vehicle is pretty lacking. When a comparable MY comes in at $525/mo for a lease, and the best I can do on Ford Options without an outrageous downpayment on the MME is $725/mo (assuming I can roll the tax credit into the...
  15. Question on order changes

    My dealer told me the same. He said my only option was to cancel my original order and resubmit, which put me at the back of the line. I think it was probably just an excuse because he didn't want the hassle.
  16. Electrify America big outage SC to FL

    Tesla is following Apple's walled garden model, and it's very effective for early adopters of a new technology. Considering that they were the new kids on the block in the industry, they had to follow this strategy to deal with the perceived shortcomings of BEVs; they had no choice, But just as...
  17. Does anyone plan to use AM radio in their Mach-E?

    Yep. I don't listen as much as I used to, but AM radio is still a big deal here in Metro Detroit.
  18. Report: Ford Will Not Build Its Own Battery Production Factory

    I think it's possible that Ford is banking on the tech to continue to evolve rapidly, which is not unusual in the early days. Solid state batteries are probably on the mid-term horizon, and the quote about not wanting to be stuck with old tech like Toyota was with its investment in nickel metal...
  19. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    But how many of those native apps on iOS or Android are really available through CarPlay or AA? It's just a handful in both cases from my experience. Mostly, I've found them to be the basic functions like phone, texts, calendar, contacts, maps, and audio (Spotify, podcasts, etc.). It's not like...