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  1. TheVirtualTim

    3.29.1 FordPass just released

    The "What's new" says Includes updates to prevent some reported issues related to being stuck on the loading page and unable to open the app.
  2. TheVirtualTim

    "Car Scanner" (OBD software) now supports Mach-E

    I bought an OBD adapter (in my case it was the OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth interface) and I've tried different apps with it. My adapter comes with OBDLink software ... but that doesn't have direct support for the Mach-E. I also tried FORScan ... which also doesn't have direct support yet for Mach-E...
  3. TheVirtualTim

    Did I get someone else's Ford Pass message?

    Today at 1:15p Eastern I got a message in the Ford Pass app: Desired charge level will not be reached Mach-E will only reach 89% by your Departure Time, as there is not enough time to charge. But... I don't have any scheduled departures. I have the car configured to limit charging to 80% and...
  4. TheVirtualTim

    FordPass app updated today on iOS (v3.16.0) and Android

    This update introduced some new capabilities to "My Journeys" but it also fixes some bugs. I noticed straight away that if fixed the Ford Pass Apple Watch app: Instead of the animated "Refresh" screen... I now see this on my watch: YES!!! :p
  5. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Pass on Apple Watch

    Apparently I'm not alone... But at least it's a generic Ford Pass bug and nothing specific to the Mach-E. Hopefully it gets Ford's attention and they get a software update -- or instructions on how to fix it -- soon.
  6. TheVirtualTim

    Lots of bugs... (activation & connected services fails)

    @Ford Team I love the new car, but I'm experiencing quite a few software issues with the & Ford Pass software. The software seems pretty clunky. Activation was failing... even two hours later the car wouldn't activate (message on phone says "Activation Pending" but never goes away...
  7. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Connected Charge Station installation - DIY instructions writeup

    Now that I've done the install once (it took 3 hours), I could install one much faster. Note that part of my "install" was carpentry work to trim out the wall panel where I planned to install it. You will need: A Torx T6 bit screwdriver (very tiny) for the clamps that hold the charging cable...
  8. TheVirtualTim

    Good News & Bad News

    So first the good news: My car was delivered to the dealer this afternoon! (yay!) Now the bad news: There is damage to the car. :eek: The black trim on the front has been scraped up. The dealer was watching the car get unloaded and noticed it (so it's the responsibility of the trucking...
  9. TheVirtualTim

    Rapid Red First Edition: Almost here!

    My dealer contacted me this afternoon. They don't have the car ... yet. BUT... it has been unloaded from the train at a depot only about 3 miles from the dealer. It arrived at the depot at 9:35am this morning. They are waiting for it to arrive at the dealer. He did warn me that sometimes...
  10. TheVirtualTim

    Is it possible to track a rail car (Norfolk Southern)?

    My dealer updated me with status on my car: Primary Secondary Vehicle Location Status Date/Time Start Date End Date In Transit Shipped Rail - Railcar # CTTX692367 Ramp SP, Kansas City Mc, MO Jan-27-2021, 15:00 CT Feb-13-2021 Feb-19-2021 So it looks like it was loaded onto the railcar...
  11. TheVirtualTim

    WOOT! Part of my car has been DELIVERED!

    I just got the email from my dealer that part of my car is here! Specifically... this part: Yeah, I know... just the floor mats. But BY GOLLY IT'S A START! And I can now brag that I have more of my car than anyone else at this time! 😁 The real story is I tried to order "Interior...