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  1. dtbaker61

    source for long Ti wheel studs?

    I figure as long as I am using long AL nuts, I probably should switch to long studs for full thread engagement.... might as well go with Ti as long as I'm doing it?! I spent a little time poking around, but haven't found a source for Ti wheel studs guaranteed fit for 2021 Mach-e. I can't find...
  2. dtbaker61

    Unhappy with 'Driver Assist' features that reset themselves !

    I am NOT a fan of some of the automatic Alerts and Driver Assistance features. I find them distracting at best, and dangerous when they activate unexpectedness. The purpose of this thread is to document the specific ones that I have found that reset themselves to factory setting to provide...
  3. dtbaker61

    Best stuff to keep black trim black, and not collect dust ?

    I have a MME Select.... with the 'matte finish' black plastic trim; and I live in Santa Fe NM where the sun is INTENSE, and we have a mixture of (rough) pavement, and lots of gravel/dirt roads and streets that can kick up a lot of dust since streets are usually so dry. I have tried a number of...
  4. dtbaker61

    looking for long wheel studs to use w Alloy lug nuts

    I got some aftermarket wheels, which I really like (Enkie TS-V). But the OEM lug nuts did not fit in the holes..... the chrome covers made the 'shoulders' about 1mm too big. So, I got alloy lug nugs for $55 from, which fit great, but don't have much thread engagement in the nut...
  5. dtbaker61

    DIY install aftermarket seats - Corbeau A4 in Mach-E

    'Performance' seats change the whole driving experience! no slipping around when cornering hard. ******** DISCLAIMER *********** this mod is not recommended for daily use, it is for test/track purposes only because there is no Certified floor bracket available at this time, and the aftermarket...
  6. dtbaker61

    How and Why to 'bed' your new brake pads/rotors

    I've been reading about some issues about brake pads sticking to rotors with our Mach-e, and it occurred to me that with 1-pedal regen on the Mach-e many people probably have never 'bed' their brake pads/rotors; and I would bet that it is NOT part of the Dealer prep before you picked up your...
  7. dtbaker61

    in progress - replacing front seats with aftermarket

    I've picked out new seats, and thought I'd document the process... I'm hoping that SOME seat manufacturer out there has designed a bracket for the Mach-e for aftermarket seats, but I'm guessing it may take a while because it will require a total redesign as the bolt pattern on the floor, and the...
  8. dtbaker61

    recommendations for BLACK plastic maintenance ?

    I've tried a number of products to keep the black plastic bits on my Select black.... but so far they either don't last very long, don't keep them black, OR collect dust like crazy especially if I happen to drive on one of our many local dirt roads in NM. we have residential streets that are...
  9. dtbaker61

    Installed 18x8.5 Enkei TS-V and alloy lug nuts, and shaved 6.7 lbs per wheel

    I'm thrilled with results.... new wheels are an inch wider, 6.5# lighter, and the alloy nuts take off about 10oz more per wheel! I finally got all the bits in house, and had a local tire shop slide the stock tires from my Select onto my new wheels. I figure I will run the OEM tires until worn...
  10. dtbaker61

    anybody know procedure to put MME in 'train' mode for new TPS ?

    I'm getting my new wheels put on today, and got new valves/TPS... official Ford TPS that comes with an 'activation' thing that looks like a garage door opener. I found a youtube for 2013 f-150, but nothing for MME so far. Does anybody know how to put MME in 'train mode' so that the MME can...
  11. dtbaker61

    anybody pull rear seat out for track day yet?

    ...just wondering if anybody has pulled the rear seat out yet... along with other cargo bay items that can be removed for some easy weight loss on track day? any pictures, videos, weights of items or estimates on time required to help figure out if its worth it....?
  12. dtbaker61

    How to - Export 12v DC to 120vAC power from LVB connection points

    It is possible to use the 12v battery 'connection points' to EXPORT power... either to 'give a jump' to another vehicle, or run a (small) inverter to run a few AC loads while camping, charging cordless tools at a job site, or even emergency power for your home if and when the grid goes down to...
  13. dtbaker61

    any problems with putting stock 225/60-r18 tires on 8.5 wheels ?

    I am planning to use my (Select) stock wheels for snow tires, and move the stock tires to my new wheels.... Enkei ts-v 18x8.5 and then go +1 width, probably 245 for summer tires after the stock 225 tires wear out. With the new wheels being an inch wider, it obviously will change the sidewall...
  14. dtbaker61

    Fragile J1772 charger thumb latch - warranty/recall safety issue!

    SAFETY ALERT - SUGGESTED RECALL/REPLACEMENT Hey Owners.... I just wanted to alert ya'll, and see if anyone else has has the (bad) luck in dropping their Jplug handle (of the 'included' level2 charger) on the floor..... which I did yesterday when hanging up my plug after a charge. It fell from...
  15. dtbaker61

    researching lightweight performance seats

    I'm starting to research lightweight performance seats for the front.... I dislike the factory seats: - too heavy - too bouncy - not enough shoulder bolster for hard cornering - can't tip seat for desired support - dislike leather/leatherette when cold, and even worse when hot driving in...
  16. dtbaker61

    How to measure acceleration of YOUR car

    Exploring the features of the CarScanner app (which grabs data from ODB), I noticed that it can record accurate times for 0-20, 40, 60, 80, 100mph. I decided to capture some baseline numbers for my MME - Select AWD with SR battery , and see if times change measurably in the future as I 'lighten...
  17. dtbaker61

    Workaround for PAAK issues on Android

    As some of you may be aware, I am one of the (un)lucky people to get a relatively early delivery of my MME, and have a relatively 'old' Samsung Galaxy J7 running Android 9, which has made PAAK problematic to say the least. It took weeks and multiple attempts clearing and re-installing...
  18. dtbaker61

    How much 12v power can we pull continuously thru 12v connections from HV battery?

    I'm doing a little research before embarking on my 'next' DIY project with the MME..... I'd like to confirm how much power the onboard dc-dc system can xfer from HV battery to LV connection points 'continuously' if needed. And, to verify what conditions or state of 'on' the MME has to be in to...
  19. dtbaker61

    Ideas to improve Dashboard display

    After almost 2 months of driving now, I have a couple things I would love to see changed/added on the dashboard.... and hope that if enough of you all chime in we can get Ford to consider for some future OTA. 1. add display of actual kW power in/out, 'always on', so driver can see regen/output...
  20. dtbaker61

    yellow, red, or stock calipers for infinite blue ?

    I'm getting ready to move to my new wheels, and am considering painting calipers at the same time. New wheels are much more open that stock, so calipers will really be visible. can't decide.... stock, red, yellow... comments ?!