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  1. Jimrpa

    "Sync..." changed to FLEXTRONICS on my router...nothing else

    At least your car is talking to someone and they’re responding. My car doesn’t talk to anyone. It’s like the lonely kid on the playground with no friends 😢
  2. Jimrpa

    Mach-E Ranks Second in 2021 J.D. Power Seat Quality and Satisfaction Study

    I have a fairly sensitive sense of smell and I didn’t notice any pungent or objectionable odors when I received my car. There was a whiff of that “new car smell” (plastic out gassing) but I thought it was less noticeable than prior cars. Of course, my car sat in Mexico for a long time, so I’m...
  3. Jimrpa

    Spurious operation of E-Heat

    Your car fits in pork? That must be a very large pig 😀 back on topic, I’ve noticed that E-heat does sometimes turn on when not expected (when it’s warm out and only AC is required). If I happen to go into the climate control screen and catch it, I turn it off. I wonder what the strategy is for...
  4. Jimrpa

    Possible to Get Part of a Ford Part?

    Thanks! At this point, the body shop is waiting for parts - they ordered LJ8Z13405B at a cost of $846 You said you only needed the inner and ordered A. I only need the outer and it looks like my body shop order B, which would be consistent with what you ordered, and would indicate that the...
  5. Jimrpa

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Seriously, they’re up to 1.8 now? Ok, it is time for them to at least revert to letting us download the software onto a USB drive ourselves and installing it in the vehicle through the USB port. Either that, or allow “pulls” from the vehicle, instead of only “pushes” from the Ford Galactic...
  6. Jimrpa

    SSM 50176 - Key Fobs

    *cough* BlueCruise *cough* 😀😀😀
  7. Jimrpa

    Would anyone else like a FordPass app on Apple Watch?

    Yes, but Apple removed that restriction long ago. Apps can now “live” on the watch without having to be “tethered” back to a parent on the iPhone. There are some running apps for example that are like this.
  8. Jimrpa

    Would anyone else like a FordPass app on Apple Watch?

    I made an interesting/unfortunate observation the other day. I powered off my phone and tossed it in the closed part of the console, then locked my car via the door keypad. I then tried to unlock the car via the FordPass app on my Apple Watch series 6 GPS+Cellular and the app whined that I had...
  9. Jimrpa

    Will we ever get sentry mode equivalent? Does anyone have a good reason why not?

    Again, you’d only be able to “see” in one direction. I believe Tesla’s “Sentry Mode” is practical because it has cameras around the vehicle giving it a 360 degree field of view. Perhaps such a system could be included on future vehicles.
  10. Jimrpa

    I was shocked Today!

    I thought Subarus were more common in Vermont? 😀
  11. Jimrpa

    Mach-E GT Brembo Brake decal?

    Ok, next (possibly stupid) question: there are a lot of high end brands (I’m thinking in the audio world - Meridien, Mark Levinson, and so on. I’m not counting the mass market stuff like Sony and Bose) who brand products for auto manufacturers, but the product that is sold under their label by a...
  12. Jimrpa

    Is Frunk Gone for 2022?

    Nah, I’m not really the artsy-craftsy 3D printing type. I was that kid who used to eat the paste during crafts in kindergarten and who’s popsicle stick bird house always ended up looking like a poor 3D rendering of a Jackson Pollock drip painting.
  13. Jimrpa

    Mach-E GT Brembo Brake decal?

    Ok. Still, what’s so special about Brembo brakes that people want to put stickers on them?
  14. Jimrpa

    Mach-E GT Brembo Brake decal?

    I’m sure this is a stupid question: what’s so special about Brembo brakes over the regular old “Joe’s brakes” that we get in the Premiums? With one pedal drive, we aren’t supposed to be using the brakes much are we?
  15. Jimrpa

    I'm giving up

    I happened to be talking to my dealer a few weeks ago and he told me that all premiums and all GTs are spoken for and any abandoned orders are being immediately snapped up. He said the only thing dealers have “in inventory” are Selects. Apparently, those aren’t that popular (or ford screwed up...
  16. Jimrpa

    BlueCruise almost here... are you in or out?

    That’s not original equipment, so it doesn’t count 😀 besides, I doubt it’s even used for flight 😀 Edit: I stand corrected - our friend @Kamuelaflyer can chime in but the left display is 121.7 which seems to match up with a common aircraft frequency 😀
  17. Jimrpa

    Is Frunk Gone for 2022?

    Lol! People are complaining about NOT having frunk dividers? We whines about having frunk dividers and spent time figuring out how to remove them! Those kids today I tell you! They have no idea what it was like back in the good old days of the Mustang Mach E!
  18. Jimrpa

    Ford deploying Mach-E 'angels' to find, fix bad EV chargers

    Hey, @Ford Motor Company may I suggest you check out the chargers at the Binghamton welcome center in Binghamton, NY? One doesn’t work, and the other one only works with Mustang Mach Es sporadically 😀
  19. Jimrpa

    Ford deploying Mach-E 'angels' to find, fix bad EV chargers

    What’s wrong with it? I’ve never had any issues with mine.
  20. Jimrpa

    BlueCruise almost here... are you in or out?

    I suspect AF. If you look at the podium, you’ll see what appears to be a red lockout on the bottom front pilot’s side. There’s a white card above this with text. I can’t make out all the text, but it’s in French. To the best of my knowledge, it’s very rare to find cockpit controls on civil...