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  1. ChasingCoral

    Dealer Changing Price!!??

    Both are part of the Koons network of dealerships but different owners.
  2. ChasingCoral

    Mustang Mach-E Die Cast Model Car?

    Yes, but are there two different size brake caliper bricks?
  3. ChasingCoral

    18" on AWD?

    One more reason for smaller snow tires is to increase the room in the wheel well for snow accumulation. This can reduce rubbing the tire against the snow/ice buildup.
  4. ChasingCoral

    Dealer Changing Price!!??

    That's very distressing. Koons Silver Spring sold me my First Edition on X-plan, no ADM. I plan to go with them for my Lightning as well.
  5. ChasingCoral

    Scarlett the road warrior - with scars to prove it

    Nice whale shark pic. Definitely worth the trip! Nice to know ABRP works so well with those adjustments. Let us know when and how you get that scratch out.
  6. ChasingCoral

    GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    EVs sniff exhaust pipes -- until the light changes.
  7. ChasingCoral

    Loud clunk after starting car and trying to reverse

    Yes. I learned this when I washed Marlin really well, including a very thorough job on the wheels and brake calipers in preparation to drive him in a parade (leading the BEV cars). Big clunk when I pulled out of the driveway and rust dust all over the wheels by the time I reached the parade...
  8. ChasingCoral

    GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    Quick, everyone with a GT or GTPE run out to the garage to measure your ...
  9. ChasingCoral

    Software/Module updates when Mach E is in production

    Ask the dealer’s service center what updates they performed on the car.
  10. ChasingCoral

    GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    You may be right. Sorry, I hadn’t read to that level of detail when the latest Tech Specs came out (the ones with GT and GTPE details). If the specs are right (no guarantee of that) it means the FE and GT brakes are identical down to the red paint and GTPE has larger Flexira calipers. Ok, thanks
  11. ChasingCoral

    1.7.1 Poll

    Simple. I'm confident BlueCruise has requirements for certain software versions in key modules. Each car on the street, especially those that have been around for a while, have different software in various modules and have reached that point via different paths. Some of my modules have been...
  12. ChasingCoral

    GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    It was even in the original announcement: "In addition to blistering acceleration, Mustang Mach-E will be available with Brembo’s all-new performance Flexira aluminum calipers...
  13. ChasingCoral

    GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    Multiple articles from Ford and suppliers, including the one in this thread: "Brembo’s ground-breaking Flexira® front brake calipers will be fitted on the Mach-E GT and GT Performance Edition. Brembo also supplies...
  14. ChasingCoral

    Mach E LG battery similarities to Bolt batteries?

    Mustang Mach E batteries are LG Chem, originally Korea, later Poland F-150 Lightning batteries will be SK Innovations from the Georgia plant Future batteries will be from the new SK-Ford plants in KY and TN
  15. ChasingCoral

    Ford VCM interface in Denver area?

    Maybe we need a lending library?
  16. ChasingCoral

    Personalized plate

    Someone might think your liver is how you paid for it 😅
  17. ChasingCoral

    A forum-wide suggestion

    I just added phone to mine. Nice suggestion.
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    Playlist for song I might play when I drive my MME off the lot

    There's a thread for that: And Mach E, Unbridled, Engage, and Whisper playlists on Spotify: The Mach E Spotify playlist Unbridled list Engage list Whisper list Feel free to add to them, they are...