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    Pics: Space White Premium AWD Completed Project [...for now]

    Yoooo, great color theme! Love the black, white, red combo - looks "athletic" - looks great. I was debating doing those same center caps on my black wheels but with red pony. The Laminx gunsmoke came out really well. Nicely planned out project. You're my zip code neighbor (Ffx station) - will...
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    Axle clunk

    Ok wow, this thread just caught my eye. Had a strange sound that sounds like described here. Happened first time last week, and then again this morning. Same exact turn leaving my neighborhood onto a main road... turning right! Anyone have an idea what exactly the issue with the axle is? I'm...
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    Radar Detector Mounting - trying to come up with a solution.

    Great to know, ty! I've been using the same RD for almost 10 years, and haven't paid much attention to this world lately. IRR Windshields are a new to me. First with the EZ Pass, and now this. What a twist!
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    Radar Detector Mounting - trying to come up with a solution.

    Ha! That was helpful of them. I was just reading up on it, and yeah as they confirmed for you it does have an impact - wow. Great to know. Mine is mounted super close to the dots (I know the suctions cups are there for sure), I'll have to go back and check again. Maybe I'm right on the edge, or...
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    Radar Detector Mounting - trying to come up with a solution.

    IRR windshield doesn't block radar though, does it? Maybe LIDAR if Laser is being used, but didn't think it should affect radar. Unless all the Ka band I've picked up has been from bouncing around in the car and hitting from rear. I don't have one that tells me which direction the hit is from...
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    FML! Almost sick about it!

    Time to start reversing in to your garage to face the other way! That's what I do now, especially cuz better position for where my charge outlet is. I hear you though, that reeeally sucks, and is something I have been really paranoid about. Used to happen with my Jeep GC, keyfob was very...
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    Ourisman Ford of Alexandria == Terrible Service

    Josh! You got your car! I remember some DMs during the days leading up to purchase. Feels like so long ago. But wow, what a terrible experience, sorry that you went through that. Thank you for posting about this though. I have been debating on if I'll go to Sheehy in Springfield where I bought...
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    VA Folks - REMINDER - Car Tax is Due by Today 🤑

    Oh ok so similar to property tax on your house, etc. ... And ouch you have local city tax too i just read. I know up to Loudon county they have similar to Fairfax and PW. Not sure about Fauquier and beyond though.
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    VA Folks - REMINDER - Car Tax is Due by Today 🤑

    Oh didn't know that. Perhaps I should have said Northern VA then. Cuz you know... we are special, right? :cool: I know for sure a couple neighboring counties have it due today. Most expensive bill for me as well to date... and you got a first edition, oof! Sucks every year, cuz it is ALWAYS due...
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    VA Folks - REMINDER - Car Tax is Due by Today 🤑

    Time to pay the piper! That time of year, the dreaded personal property tax bill. This year is "fun" with the Mach-E in the mix. They used MSRP I think for the "assessed value" as of Jan 1 - $52,xxx for my Premium AWD SR. Came out to approx $1400. Car insurance premium, along with a few other...
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    Anyone local pickup their GT at Ted Britt Chantilly today?

    Looool! I actually do love some Taco Bell. I cannot lie. It'd be worth it. Gotcha on the cabin filter. I'll get around to that, maybe later this year, but wouldn't hurt to obtain one soon just to have it. Not going to have to rotate tires anytime soon since i just put on new wheels/tires...
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    Anyone local pickup their GT at Ted Britt Chantilly today?

    Nice, and that's why I just thought of you recently. I'm finally taking the Mach-E to Summit Point next weekend! GetFast Trackcross Event. Hope the weather cooperates. Congrats on the new job!
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    Anyone local pickup their GT at Ted Britt Chantilly today?

    Was it @Rafgar ? Been quiet lately it seems! I remember he got his first edition from Ted Britt. Haven't been back for any updates either. Saw something about new cabin air filters though. Something change to warrant replacing it already?
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    Free charging at Electrify America all Labor Day weekend

    ☝ This. Exactly what I gathered the second time around reading it. Once again, Tim in FTW! 👏 Thanks for posting @ChasingCoral
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    Will this improve the ride? More cushion for the...

    Updated first post, now that I've gone through with the setup. Posted pics in the aftermarket wheel section, but was waiting to get decent miles on it before reporting back results. 250 miles in so far, and just got a comment about improved ride from the wife when riding in the back next to our...
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    Mileage Complaint

    I thought a mile was a mile, whether it was US or UK?? Range is 270 miles for your car. Unless we are talking imperial miles or something?? Idk, I may not be smarter than a 5th grader, but by all accounts on here and personally the MME has been beating the official range estimates quite often...
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    Utility of the Mach-E Frunk!

    Great frunk video, and you really hit the nail on the head when describing the difference between the stock tires and the replacements, the feedback felt in steering wheel, etc. Agree 100% about the rear end coming loose was fun, and my 3yo in the back enjoyed as well the few times I have done...
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    Frunk Closing Solution

    Agreed! I've stopped following a couple threads like that. Not much can be done for those issues, so I just click "unwatch" and let the rest have at it to their hearts content. That's what I'm starting to get back to with this whole frunk thing. I've read through, tried a few things out...
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    Frunk Closing Solution

    End of the world? Well that escalated rather quickly! Yeeesh For those that have no issue with closing the frunk, that's awesome! Thanks for reporting in and letting us know, that does help... in fact it has made me want to look into this more now as of late. Variation between our builds can be...
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    Customizing wheel center caps and valve stems

    Awesome, ty!!