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  1. TheVirtualTim

    What else have you electrified?

    My 20 year old gas-mower was destroyed last year. The city hired a contractor to tear out the roads for a sewer-separation project. At the end of the project they had to pour a new road. And that's when trouble happened. I have a corner house and they pounded some metal stakes into my hard...
  2. TheVirtualTim

    This is why Ford will be conservative rolling out OTA updates

    Although the car can maintain the 12v battery when the car is plugged in to AC power (and it does this from time to time). So it should be possible to apply those power-hungry updates when the car is plugged in. My bigger concern is around the time required to complete the update. And... there...
  3. TheVirtualTim

    Has anyone heard anything about Apple Maps integration with the MachE?

    I had seen this about Apple Maps (being able to integrate with the car) a while back and sent a note to Ford about it. It's more than just CarPlay ... if the proper interfaces are exposed, Apple Maps can retrieve the vehicles state of charge and estimated range in order to recommend charging...
  4. TheVirtualTim

    Tow Company Warning... Getting a new HV battery

    When I picked up my car back in February and sent it to be ceramic coated, the owner of the detail shop told me it was very important to keep it dry for 2 weeks while the ceramic cures (if you leave water on the car and don't dry it off as soon as possible the water will absorb into the uncured...
  5. TheVirtualTim

    I'm giving up

    That used to be a strategy. Cash isn't "king" anymore. These days dealers make money on the financing (aka "back-end") so they actually prefer you need financing - and they kinda prefer it if the buyer has mediocre credit. A person with a really good credit score knows they qualify for the...
  6. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Trip Planner Routing Issue

    I have the same issue and suspect this is a bug. I set a route ... and did the "ok Ford... show alternate routes". It offered a couple of alternate routes ... showing the current route in bold and the alternates in pale blue. On the left is shows the routes with mileage and estimate travel...
  7. TheVirtualTim

    1.7.1 Poll

    My car (1st Edition) was 'scheduled' for build 12/7 but didn't actually finish building until 12/16 (IIRC). In any case, I don't have 1.7.1 yet either. I typically do not get the OTA's on release day ... but usually within a couple of weeks. So hopefully soon. I'm looking forward to having...
  8. TheVirtualTim

    EA Charger full of Mach-E's

    Red-E is setting up many locations in the UP. See:
  9. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Charging Station Connection Lost server issue?

    When I first installed mine ... it took something like 15 minutes (after configuring it) before it showed up. I suspect there was some lag on the server side setup before it showed up as being connected in my app. Is your charger still not showing up? If you go into the charge station setup...
  10. TheVirtualTim

    Charging on a 125/250v receptacle

    Voltage isn't precise. Measure the voltage in the outlets of your house and you'll notice it varies slightly. If I recall, the utility company is supposed to keep the voltage within 5% (so it could be as much as 12v above or below 240). The car and the Ford Mobile Charger will be fine with it.
  11. TheVirtualTim

    Charge Port Cover Dent Prevention – 3D Printed DIY Solution

    The charge port door stops before it hits the fender. BUT... it's a flexible enough plastic part that if anything hits it, it is easily able to flex into the fender and dent it. The idea behind the DIY fix is that it stops the door a little bit earlier ... it still opens enough that connecting...
  12. TheVirtualTim

    What charger do you recommend? Why?

    I recommend the same thing. I also got a $500 rebate on mine. Considering the rebate and the federal tax credit (30% of the cost to buy & install EV charging equipment to a maximum of $1000) it was basically free.
  13. TheVirtualTim

    Considering purchasing a Mach-E…

    Early on in my ownership (I've had my car since February) I have had a total of three issues... but these were fixed by software updates and I have had no issues since. Phone-as-a-Key is occasionally annoying (typically if I toggle the Bluetooth off and then back on on my phone it fixes it) and...
  14. TheVirtualTim

    Mach-E Charging with Nema 6-50 Cord

    Actually $59 is a pretty good price... Here's another adapter. This is the US site, but there's a link to click for the Canada site. The NEMA 6-50 doesn't have a 'neutral' conductor (that's the...
  15. TheVirtualTim

    Awaiting MME in few months - charging question

    I have a dedicated electric meter for EV charging and 48 amp EVSEs. I can verify that when I plug in and walk over to my electric meter ... the car is actually pulling 11.5 kW.
  16. TheVirtualTim

    DTE Smart Charge Incentive

    A few minutes ago I received this notice from DTE: There is a CHARGE event in the DTE territory from 05:00 PM on 09/29 until 07:00 PM on 09/29. Reply OPTOUT to override or HELP for help. Normally the noticed have all been 'DO NOT CHARGE' events ... this is the first time I have received a...
  17. TheVirtualTim

    Awaiting MME in few months - charging question

    The Premium AWD Extended Range will add about 27 miles of range per hour on the charger. If the car the battery was completely dead such that you had to push it back into the garage to charge, it could have the car completely topped off to 100% in 10 about hours time. I have two 48 amp...
  18. TheVirtualTim

    National Drive Electric Week.......

    I registered to bring my car to the event in Livonia tomorrow ... but the weather forecast is calling for AM rain showers and I'm not keen on hanging out in the rain (of course it gets nice in the afternoon ... but the event ends at noon). At this location there really isn't a pavilion or...
  19. TheVirtualTim

    Outside Holder for 240 receptacle plug?

    I just said that ... read my post above where I explain the difference between a kiloWatt and a kiloWatt-hour. It's really not worth fussing over. If someone wants to take the shortcut and call it an 88 kW battery ... I'm fine with that because I understand that "stored" energy is measured...
  20. TheVirtualTim

    "No Metric for You!" Says the American MME

    My car was delivered to the dealer in Metric mode. I thought it was just the menu but found it would change everything *except* the odometer. They reached out to Ford who told them that whoever configured the car (at factory) mistakenly put it in the wrong mode. They provided the dealer with...