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  1. breeves002

    Anyone gotten a ridiculous buy offer for your used MME?

    I got $53200 for my FE I paid $60700 for…10500 miles. I broke even after tax credit. Just had to pay insurance for the 7 months I had it. Good deal if you ask me! I also sold my 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS for $2k more than I paid for it 18 months ago. 6000 miles later. Ordered a new 911 though…
  2. breeves002

    Mach E GT 70+ Acceleration Issue - Video

    Here's a new video I just took after putting the latest software updates on my car. Seems like an improvement, but I am at 81% SoC instead of 60% in my original video so that could contribute to it. Edit: I just re watched it. Look at ~45 seconds when I punch it to about 70mph. The current...
  3. breeves002

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    Since you updated via USB it won't show the power up version change. That only changes if you get the OTA.
  4. breeves002

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    My GT does NOT have an update for the APIM. So it appears GTs already have this update. I'm guessing it is the 1.7.1 OTA but we'll have to find out when someone does it.
  5. breeves002

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    Not according to this TSB. I'm referring to the 1.7.1 OTA that has been rolling out which is an APIM update. It is possible this TSB and that OTA update are in fact the same thing. We do not know yet.
  6. breeves002

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    This is the one we've been waiting for...finally Sync 4 software update. Not sure if this is newer software than the 1.7.1 OTA rolling out, but you can go to your dealer and have them update the APIM for free if you have any of these concerns! My GTPE did NOT have an APIM update available so...
  7. breeves002

    Spurious operation of E-Heat

    Firstly they give the user full manual control. They just revert when the HVAC believes it needs to. This is to avoid issues with most normal people that will buy this well as stupid people that don't understand HVAC operation. If you turn the e heat off then forget about it and it never...
  8. breeves002

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    Yes there is. You can share it with anyone. The only caveat is you have to share the same computer. The license is locked to one computer.
  9. breeves002

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    Hahaha I used a 15A charger for most then had to hook jumper cables up to my truck for the IPMA update.
  10. breeves002

    Super sad the performance seats are so much worse.

    Weird. I think the GTPE seats fit me way better than the premium seats. I love them. OP, just for curiosity, what's your height and weight? I find more "performance" oriented seats can be uncomfortable for certain body types. The GT reviews I have read/watched that came out yesterday like them too.
  11. breeves002

    SSM 50176 - Key Fobs

    My GT did not come with 2 fobs. I'm calling the dealer about it now. I just came across this SSM. My car has a build date of 7-17 and it says 7-7 and newer are 2 fobs....
  12. breeves002

    SSM 50176 - Key Fobs

    No, eventually they get posted by like the NHTSA or something but these are released to dealers only.
  13. breeves002

    Heater not working.

    It's also a safety thing. If you leak all of your coolant out the heater won't just melt everything around it trying to heat nothing. When the cabin coolant pump failed on my FFE you'd see the heater come on full blast then after ~10 seconds it would suddenly just ramp down to nearly 0 as the...
  14. breeves002

    Heater not working.

    I almost can’t believe the dealer and engineers would tell you to turn it off. Just hit auto and adjust the temp. It will turn the PTC heater on as necessary. In Fords previous EVs there was no manual way to turn off the heater. The HVAC decided to turn it on and off automatically.
  15. breeves002

    SSM 50173 - Front Suspension Noise - Front Spring Spacers - Built On Or After 26-Jul-2021

    SSM 50173 - 6 Oct 2021 - 2021 Mustang Mach-E - Front Suspension Noise - Front Spring Spacers - Built On Or After 26-Jul-2021 Some 2021 Mustang Mach-E vehicles built on or after 26-Jul-2021 may exhibit a noise from the front suspension area. This may be due to spring spacers in the front...
  16. breeves002

    [SOLVED] Warning sound as soon as I open door; unsure cause or fix

    The problem is the headlight switch disconnects from the BCM which means the BCM automatically turns the lights on because it doesn't know the input from the headlight switch. It is a bug they need to work out either in the headlight switch or the BCM. I still have this same issue on my GT.
  17. breeves002

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    PM me your VIN I want to see if it actually successfully says it updated or if it is a bug that it told you it updated already.
  18. breeves002

    New Sync Features (late June SW 21180)

    Just have to wait. They take a while to roll them out.