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  1. B25Nut

    Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    When on the road the only time I have to turn my head is about 20 degrees to see the right side mirror. Otherwise, just a glance in the other mirrors gives me a complete picture of the surrounding traffic. I set up the side mirrors to give me an image that begins where the center mirror image...
  2. B25Nut

    Badges? We don't need no badges! Mach-E debadged

    With the badges removed, today I had the strips from GW Shark's Mustang Sally added.
  3. B25Nut

    Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    The first thing I did with my Mach-E was to remove the center rear passenger headrest. We very likely will never have three people in the back and this greatly improves the rear vision. If we have an occasion to have five people, the headrest can be easily added. The second thing was adding a...
  4. B25Nut


    Strips added today give it more of a Mustang look.
  5. B25Nut

    Mustang Sally's Wardrobe is complete

    Thank you GW and others for the info provided here. Two hours ago our local vinyl wrap expert finished putting the strips on. It is difficult to do since once they are in place they can't be repositioned. Well worth the $200 labor cost.
  6. B25Nut

    LED Accent Lighting

    Yes, that is how I did it. It is hard to notice that the cover isn't closed all the way.
  7. B25Nut

    There's a new Mustang in town...

    With thanks to our neighbors Dan & Diane and their "Mustangs".
  8. B25Nut

    New Mach-E vs ID.4 Comparo Review

    This is a review of the ID.4 AWD, which seems to be approaching what we have with our MMEs. No matter how good the VW is, I will never regret choosing the Mach-E.
  9. B25Nut


    HAL just after getting charged up to 95% from our solar panels.
  10. B25Nut

    Top Gear Review - Ioniq 5 vs ID.3 vs Mach-E

    Of course, they prefer the Mach-E.
  11. B25Nut

    Time for the E-Bird - 65 Years of Ford Progress

    Maybe one of Ford's future projects should be the E-Bird. The name was used for some of the '57 Thunderbirds that had the 312 cu. in. engine, but I feel it should be use to resurrect the Thunderbird (again) as an electric two place sports car based on the Mach-E. It should use most of this '56...
  12. B25Nut

    Badges? We don't need no badges! Mach-E debadged

    Thank you for the dental floss tip. It took me less than 20 minutes to remove the three badges on one side last night. Instead of Goo Gone, I first sprayed the badges with BSI Insta-Set cyanoacrylate accelerator (its solvent has no affect on the paint and is excellent for removing adhesive...
  13. B25Nut

    Puddle Light

    You also need to have the welcome lighting option turned on.
  14. B25Nut

    Police Duty

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Gears Up for Police Duty
  15. B25Nut

    GM Recalling All Chevy Bolts

    This is a good article about the battery recall in Car & Driver:
  16. B25Nut

    LED Accent Lighting

    I used 3M's heavy duty mounting tape on top of the tape that was included on the strips (which is inadequate) and put them on the bottom rear bar that forms the framework of the seats.
  17. B25Nut

    Impressions on my Premium SR AWD Mach-E (w/ some comparison to my Mustang GT Coupe)

    This is what a $4 mirror does. One of it's biggest advantages is showing the oncoming traffic when entering a highway from a cloverleaf onramp.
  18. B25Nut

    Installed rear seat footwell accent lighting

    I used two strips from a similar set of LEDs.
  19. B25Nut

    LED Accent Lighting

    This is a $14 set of LEDs from Costco that plugs into the 12v source in the center console.
  20. B25Nut

    HAL - Solar Powered Mach-E

    I got the LED lights about three weeks ago at Costco, but I don't see them listed on their website. A similar set is listed on eBay: Mine only has two strips and doesn't have Music Sync. They can be turned on and off with the red button on the 12v plug...