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  1. GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    Screen grab from Redline Reviews. The GT front brakes definitely appear smaller than GTPE.
  2. Torklift Eco fits a GT

    Any chance to see the car without the rack? I'm curious how noticeable the receiver is from the back because it actually looks pretty tucked away under the reverse lights.
  3. Torklift Eco fits a GT

    How well does Kick to Open work now after the install? Some others have said K2O is marginal after they got the hitch receiver installed.
  4. GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    Sure, but it illustrates the point that GT/GTPE have a different brakeset from the non-GTs and don't appear to list a distinction between GT vs. GTPE.
  5. GT Build Week of Aug. 23rd Group

    palsapp still shows pending for me. Ford's tracker page has moved me to early November. This would be fine except I'm a bit worried about losing out on Ford Options financing incentives.
  6. GT and GTPE brakes are NOT the same?

    Ford's tech specs for the MME show that GT/GTPE get the bigger brakeset of 19" vs non-GTs with 18" front and 17" rear. I was under the impression that the only difference between the GT and GTPE brakes was the Brembo logo on the two front calipers...
  7. More Mach-E GT 1/4 mile track results

    Dave Pericak talks a bit about Unbridled Extend and GT thermal hardware improvements in the Wheel Bearings Podcast.
  8. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    Sam Abuelsamid had a really interesting interview with Dave Pericak and Darren Palmer at the Mach-E GT event. Give the Wheel Bearings Podcast a listen. Highlights: GT performance/handling design. 91kWh packs are in production now. Revised DC fast charging changes start in November-produced...
  9. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    Yeah, I'm looking for any red flags. So far the biggest knocks against the GT/GTPE are the limited 5 secs of peak performance and the known issues related to the MME's DC fast charging. Sounds like most, if not all of these things are going to be improved so there's a lot of upside to buying. Yay!
  10. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    The Kilowatts just posted their review. He owns a MME 4X and has a unique take on the GT vs GTPE differences.
  11. Videos: GTPE hits 1/4 mile in 12.3-12.4 and autocross videos

    Yes, that's what I'm saying. The reviewers who did the quarter mile runs took part in Ford's media event. Sorry if I was unclear.
  12. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    There are owners on the forum who can probably speak more knowledgeably about BlueCruise vs. FSD. All I know is that Tesla says AP is not a handsfree system, but Ford says BlueCruise is truly handsfree (on designated freeways). I've driven Tesla AP and Enhanced AP a few times over a few...
  13. Videos: GTPE hits 1/4 mile in 12.3-12.4 and autocross videos

    12.37s @ 104mph. They were part of the Ft. Baker, CA Ford media event.
  14. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    I think BlueCruise and FSD are worth comparing. Autopark and handsfree driving are available on GT/PE now with the BlueCruise package but require a $10k payment with the Tesla and even so, handsfree isn't actually available for anyone other than those who meet certain criteria.
  15. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    Was that your red MME lurking in the background?
  16. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    I think you're also missing the ADAS packages. The GTPE with BlueCruise + glass roof adds something like $2400 but it costs another $10k for Tesla FSD to get some of the same functionalities. In the end, there's a pretty massive jump from the fully loaded MME GTPE of $61390 (after $7500 federal...
  17. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    Putting aside some people's frustrations with the acceleration over 50+ mph and quarter mile times...the interesting comparison questions I've heard asked is, which is better, Model Y Performance vs. GT vs. GTPE? @OutofSpecKyle and say the GTPE is the better daily driver against the...
  18. Tire recommendations for Seattle winters

    @Nak seems pretty wise on this with some great first hand experience. If you're not heading up into the mountains and will just be hanging out close to the Sound then I'd say get a tire that over-emphasizes wet weather performance and can perform adequately in occasional snow. If you're up in...