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  1. RedStallion

    Dealer said they don't have the deposit

    If you can request a chargeback then do it, no reason to wait for the dealership. I would also submit a claim to BBB, and if the dealership is owned by a larger company I would submit complaint there too. The more fire you can kindle under their feet the faster they start moving.
  2. RedStallion

    Come on Ford!

    Not only cupholders, they didn't even design a dedicated space for a gun, people have to improvise.
  3. RedStallion

    Ford is adding ADM on 2022 Ford Mach E Orders now?

    They do that because they can. Some customers will not bother to investigate and search for other options, some places may not have multiple dealerships to choose from, and some people like the OP will think it's the Ford's fee and accept it.
  4. RedStallion

    CA - 2022 HOV Stickers

    They likely have no information about 2022 vehicles. No 2022 cars have been shipped, and probably the program hasn't been updated yet for 2022.
  5. RedStallion

    My Impressions of BlueCruise after a 300 mile trip

    I think they were impressed and wanted to ask you questions about your car.
  6. RedStallion

    My Impressions of BlueCruise after a 300 mile trip

    I'm not surprised. Driving on I-5 at 80mph I had 2.5mi/kWh in one direction and about 1.8kWh on return trip with just two adults in the car. The elevation change was not significant, the wind is hard to know, though I think the return trip had some headwind. It doesn't take much to affect the...
  7. RedStallion

    Bought a second Mach-E yesterday

    There doesn't seem to be any limit. As long as your tax liability is above the deduction you can use them all.
  8. RedStallion

    FML! Almost sick about it!

    I don't know why there is a problem. Is that because some garages have the door very low? I though they are more or less standard. I open hatch in my garage all the time, how else would I unload the stuff? And MME is the smallest car I ever had, so I wonder how people having this problem.
  9. RedStallion

    FML! Almost sick about it!

    The glass roof is great and the hatch is never randomly opening.
  10. RedStallion

    Electrify America to install 30 standalone EV ARC™ (solar) 2020 stations to carefully selected areas in rural California

    Looks like the most expensive way of getting the least amount of energy. I guess they are getting some taxpayers money from the state, they can't be that dumb after all.
  11. RedStallion

    Dealer just told me "we changed the oil"

    I bet this dealer would offer you a service contract with MME purchase, which includes 3 years of free oil change.
  12. RedStallion

    camera stopped working

    Suddenly both cameras stopped working today. A message appeared "Camera is unavailable". It was working 30 min before that, it started working again after turning the car off and on. Never had this issue before for the previous 6 months. I wonder if some update is responsible for this.
  13. RedStallion

    This electric vehicle mines crypto in its free time

    It's hard to make a good car for driving, but you can have one to mine crypto. It seems to be a stupid idea, because the cost of operation directly depends on the cost of electricity, which in case of EVs is even higher than usual...
  14. RedStallion

    Price increase on existing order

    Remember a year ago Ford suddenly reduced the price of most trims by $3000? I guess they are rolling that back. The demand is high, inflation is getting hotter, and semiconductor supply is still tight. I would expect prices keep creeping higher because those factors are not going away.
  15. RedStallion

    Roofs Flying Off!?

    So much money wasted trying to deliver the best quality fake news to you and you are not even watching it. That's a shame.
  16. RedStallion

    Adding wind shield wiper fluid - video

    It may look simple, but then you need to think about all the disclaimers you need to put to avoid being sued. Like, don't drink the washer fluid, if you get it on your hands, wash them, don't rub your eyes, don't do it while driving, don't do it while intoxicated, don't substitute washer fluid...
  17. RedStallion

    Roofs Flying Off!?

    We are almost there, in the matrix, where it's impossible to distinguish fake from real. You may say, the fake is the new real. And when good quality deep fakes appear you won't be able to trust your eyes anymore.
  18. RedStallion

    Roofs Flying Off!?

    MME is a serious competitor to Tesla, so expect them to come up with more FUD. I remember Musk was denigrating MME because it was made in Mexico, all the while moving the Tesla manufacturing to China.
  19. RedStallion

    Small efficiency meter error

    Does it run Dominion software?