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  1. dliunatic

    TSB 21-2245 Loss Of Power, Stop Safely Now Message In The IPC, Illuminated MIL With DTC P1A10, U0293 And/Or U1011

    Bummer. If you got the turtle crawl symbol with those then it's likely a HVB issue. Had that with mine and took awhile to get new modules in to repair at the time. Hopefully it's gotten a little faster. More experiences around HVB replacements in the following link...
  2. dliunatic

    Some companies know how OTA should work

    I'm with you on the technologist front and loving the MME yet not having it meet all expectations. That being said, I also realize there's a lot more complexity between software for automotive systems here then what most of us probably realize. Realistically, I think Ford had the best...
  3. dliunatic

    Speed compensated volume?

    Anyone's speed compensated volume working? I have it set to high and still haven't really noticed it increasing the volume at all at high speeds. Usually still have to manually increase the volume despite the setting. Even tried switching it to medium and same thing where it didn't seem like it...
  4. dliunatic

    What do you store in the lower center cubby/bin?

    I think they really meant to say that the space was made for a murse. Ain't nothing more manly than a Mustang and a murse!
  5. dliunatic

    What do you store in the lower center cubby/bin?

    You can probably store a full CD binder in there perfectly! 😄
  6. dliunatic

    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Looks like maybe it's balancing on it's own slowly. Today it only dropped from 90% to 87% in the first few seconds rather than down to 86%. 😁 Here's a video of it in action, along with some PAAK normalness. I actually brought it in yesterday to AutoNation Ford Frisco dealership to see if...
  7. dliunatic

    Got a free second keyfob, from Ford!

    I just went into my service dealership (AutoNation Ford Frisco) today and they said the 2nd key was just for GT versions. They tried to get a hold of their Ford rep, but they weren't aware of any way to get the complimentary 2nd key fob for my MME. Also checked with the dealer I originally...
  8. dliunatic


    I thought the second key fob was just for GTs? Or at least that's what the dealer was saying...
  9. dliunatic

    Good EV home charger - Mustart 40A NEMA 14-50 charger

    Nope, that was just a wall mount I was previously using for some other lawn equipment that got repurposed to be my EV charger. Works like a charm though! I think they have a listing that does include a wall mount though if you want to go that route. As for the charger itself, I've had mine now...
  10. dliunatic

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    It was still a little laggy but that could be since it was after a reboot.
  11. dliunatic

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    A few hours of no driving and several car restarts later, it looks like I now can see the 1.7.1 changes! Guess it just needed to do a hard reboot of it's own after the update 🤷 Also ended up getting the Fordpass notification about the update this evening. Better late than never I guess! The...
  12. dliunatic

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Weird... So I never got an updated to 1.7.1 notification in my MME nor FordPass, but when checking for updates it looks like I did get it? Other weird part is that I don't see a Notes app despite the system update. Ghost in the machine??
  13. dliunatic

    Genesis GV60

    More info around the GV60 coming out recently! Definitely looks interesting as it shares the same platform as the EV6 and Ioniq 5... curious what the expected range will be though.
  14. dliunatic

    “Service vehicle soon”: “Powertrain malfunction / Reduced Power” & “High Voltage Battery Warning”

    Ugh so sorry to hear about another high voltage battery issue. You're not alone though... A bunch of us documented our journies and linked them as well at I went through the same thing and it took over 50+ days to get...
  15. dliunatic

    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Thanks for the insights! Yeah... I need to drive it more I guess. More of a weekend driver 😁 Typically I only need to recharge every couple weeks or so. Only got a module pair replaced not the full pack so hopefully it's just balancing. I'll try to drive it down and recharge again this weekend...
  16. dliunatic

    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Sigh... More battery wonkiness from me. So not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or if it's a residual issue from my HV battery replacement from a couple months back. I've noticed recently that when I charge to 90% through my preferred charge settings schedule, it will charge up to 90%...
  17. dliunatic

    OTA Power Up 1.7.1 preview

    Just got PowerUp 1.4 last week and 1.6 today so finally caught up with y'all in eager anticipation for 1.7.1 😁
  18. dliunatic

    Fordpass Rewards issue?

    Yep, it required a couple calls to the Fordpass support line but they were eventually able to transfer the points over to my account. I suspect for some reason that she's still the primary as service points are going to her account still... Haven't been able to figure that out yet.
  19. dliunatic

    Ford Pass draining Phone (android) battery

    Same here on my s10+. Submitted feedback and got the following response: Hi Dave. Our apologies. We verified that specific smartphone models are verbose about Bluetooth disconnection events and triggered FordPass to fire network calls to check the vehicle status. A fix is on its way. A thousand...