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  1. machefan

    Number of Ford Tax Credits available for tax year 2022? (Ordered in early 2021)

    Hopefully but I think some of the proposed changes are stalling. Either way the OP is good through 22. Even after that the amount changes but still available for a period longer.
  2. machefan

    Mach-E on Track For 50K Deliveries Globally by the End of the Year

    Well Ford says lots of things, does not matter if they are telling the truth or not, but the tax break will end eventually. Looks like at least another year and keep in mind it then phases out until zero. So we can all count on something for next year and most likely the year after. The F150...
  3. machefan

    Will Ford extend 91% usable battery to MY2021 owners - Asking folks in the know?

    Asking for a friend to Ford engineering if we anyone can comment? We know you are here 🤔 :cool: Would be nice to pickup 3% more usable, anyone wishing the same?
  4. machefan

    Danger in Repeatedly Charging to 100%

    Charging to 100% is not the problem, it’s letting the car sit at 100% for long periods of time. If you charge to 100% and are using it you will be fine.
  5. machefan

    Renting a MME (before you buy one)

    There are going to be far and few available to rent if any. Most dealers have demos and often let prospective buyers give them a long drive.
  6. machefan

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    No they didn’t and never heard of it being removed for the MME.
  7. machefan

    PAAK (21B36) Recall to Chip Shortage Nightmare (**Help Please**)

    Would be nice if they had any parts, but there are no spares in the wild. Everything is ordered as per what needs to be replaced on the MME. Glad you got it back and Ford MCO helped out. There really is no way you can ask them to have a part ready or expect what will go wrong ahead of time.
  8. machefan

    Registration/Title fee question

    How about I demand the following 4 tires and what's above it. We will call it a fair trade? Was sitting right next to the FE Bronco I want really bad, stopped to see the color of it this morning. Talk about ADM, you MME folks have no idea what ADM is.. I am going to leave it at that.
  9. machefan

    Registration/Title fee question

    sounds like a class-action suit is in order. Since the dealer programmed by second FOB for free I will call it even. :)
  10. machefan

    Registration/Title fee question

    Ask if the 2K for the NJ clean rebate plan? If so that is outside of the X-PLAN discount.
  11. machefan

    Registration/Title fee question

    $401 is correct for NJ, this is outside of the dealer DOC fee's. In your case $498 was reduced to $100 as was mine. Here is my NJ yellow slip.
  12. machefan


    GT's are showing up at dealers. I like it over my RR FE, but still love my RR FE either way. Here is one next two a Bronco First Edition.
  13. machefan

    FML! Almost sick about it!

    The horror :eek: Guess no buffing that out :( Sorry to see this, hope you are able to get it fixed quickly. Many put padding on their door handle to lessen the probability of a den't / scratch. I am going to do this today when I get home.
  14. machefan

    Mach E Select - Charging Slowly

    I concur with this, I would think the Ford charger would be aware but since it's multi power output and input maybe not.
  15. machefan

    Mach E Select - Charging Slowly

    Next question, did you set the home charge location and timing from the center console screen?
  16. machefan

    Mach E Select - Charging Slowly

    I suggest a new electrician if they installed a 30 AMP breaker with a 14-50 outlet. If this really was the case the breaker would trip when using a 32 amp charger. Are you using the supplied Ford charger?
  17. machefan

    2022 Mach-E Price Changes and Orders have officially begun

    The MCA code is "MC405" to look around, however to actually use it one needs to be a member of MCA. Also well documented here, but just a reminder one needs to be a member for 90 days in order for it to be accepted.
  18. machefan

    2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    Look at it this way, you still have an FE with an added exclusive of 88 kwh usable :mad:
  19. machefan

    2022 Mach-E ordering (hopefully) starts on September 30th. Who's ordering?

    First the MY22 ordering opens up which appears to be Thursday and is the same for the Bronco as well. Second would be where your dealer converts your current order into a 2022.