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  1. btcook

    Cross wind rattle ... Anyone else?

    Drove with climate on and off, still rattles. It’s going back to the dealer again next week for sure.
  2. btcook

    Cross wind rattle ... Anyone else?

    Below is the video I provided to my dealer.
  3. btcook

    Cross wind rattle ... Anyone else?

    I have it on video and even provided the video to my dealer. I’ll probably take it back Monday and take them for a ride.
  4. btcook

    Cross wind rattle ... Anyone else?

    I'm not the only one! I'm experiencing the exact same noise from the front passenger side of the vehicle. I've already taken mine to the dealer, they couldn't recreate it after a 6 mile test drive. I found the part sticker on the passenger shock, removed it, still have the noise. I don't...
  5. btcook

    Shipped on 9/21 but they're in a black hole!!

    Mine shipped on 9/15. PalsApp updated on 9/29 with the correct details for destination and dealer name. PalsApp updated again on 10/4 to status of dispatched. We picked it up from the dealer on 10/6. The original estimation from the Ford "shipped" email was 10/9-10/15. Hopefully this helps.
  6. btcook

    Production date > shipped

    Mine was built 8/12. Received its chip and was shipped on 9/15. We picked it up from the dealer on 10/6. So a total of eight weeks from built to my dealer, with a delay waiting for chips.
  7. btcook

    5000 commute miles on MME SR AWD - results and takeaways

    I had an EB Flex and it was an amazing vehicle. Was sad to trade it in for a EB F-150. Should have (my wife’s) GT in the next two weeks. Will be interesting comparing the GT to the Flex. We haven’t owned many crossovers.
  8. btcook

    Pallsapp info

    I have production date of 08/12 and a shipment date of 09/15. Current delivery date is 10/11! But Palsapp still shows pending.
  9. btcook

    Pallsapp info

    They all take a train ride from Mexico to Kansas City. Then I believe they are loaded on trucks for final destination.