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  1. 2022 Mach E Orders Canada

    Ford Canada's websites build and price is still showing the 2021 without the new colours and packages due for the 2022 model year.
  2. My Bluetooth "slap in the face" - check the phone settings (duh)...

    At work I call that a case of picnic (problem in chair not in computer) 😉
  3. Will Ford extend 91% usable battery to MY2021 owners - Asking folks in the know?

    Darren Palmer was on the Inside EV podcast as a guest a few weeks back. He said any improvements would also apply to MME's already on the road. The great thing with these vehicles is they can get better over time.
  4. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    Check out Kyle at Out of Spec Reviews. His expression is priceless. He does a good job of talking about the handling on the canyon roads.
  5. The economics of One-Pedal-Driving

    The concern I would have is that the brakes are not used as much as an ICE vehicle. In the canadian north, I've had seized brake calipers when they are used for all of the vehicle's braking. Not sure how well the calipers will hold up in a BEV.
  6. Replaced brake and "gas" pedal in the Mach-E

    Or the dead pedal.
  7. Comparison of VW ID4 and Mach-E ( Canadian )

    One thing I don't like about the ID4 is the different tire size front and rear. Makes it impossible to rotate the tires.
  8. Alex on Autos: 10 "Problems" of the Mach-E

    Hello Alex. Another point is how some manufacturer note the actual battery size and some note the usable battery size. It doesn't seem consistent and difficult to compare.
  9. AWD SR now AWD ER later

    You said that you have access to 120V at work. Would it be possible to add 240V if you pay out of your pocket? Adding a L2 at work should cost less than the $5000 difference to go to the ER.
  10. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    I love the colour!
  11. My wife says I need professional help...

    When I had my '99GT and '01 Bullitt I would even wipe down the engine compartment. People would ask if the need to remove their shoes before getting in my car.
  12. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    On 511 it shows snowpacked. Watch for log trucks, I bet logging is active right now.
  13. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    If you're worried about salt on the paint, my garage at home is heated and setup so that I can wash my vehicles in the winter. I can pick up your Mach-E, drive it a couple of hundred km wash it and return it to you. 😀
  14. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    With no ICE to make noise you have to rely on the display for sure. At that speed even your car would have gone to jail.😭
  15. Does the Ford mobile charger require a 4 wire or 3 wire setup

    I am not certain about the wire, however I would suggest that the wire is rated for 60amp for future flexibility. The cost difference would be negligible and future proof the installation.
  16. Driver's Door Misalignment

    That sucks. And of course it had to be the driver's door and not one of the others.
  17. Ford Mustang Mach-E Glass Roof Sunshade

    If that is available it would make the Mach-E an easier sell to my wife. She hates sunroofs, she constantly closes the cover in my car.
  18. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    A backup is good for sure. It will get old fast too having to take the cord out of the car to charge and put it back in when you leave. Don't want to forget that at home and get caught with your pants down without a method to charge if not near a charge station.:) Hydro One has a 25% rebate on...
  19. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    You mention wanting a dumb charger. Have you tried the mobile charger that came with the car to see if it improves the communication? That would depend also if the wall charger is a plug in that you can unplug and use the Nema 14-50 plug.
  20. Timed charging

    Hopefully an OTA update to modify it. Maybe with a fail safe to disable when the battery state of charge is below a certain percentage.