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  1. Rotting Piñata

    How often do you have to reboot large screen?

    I've had it happen to me a few times - I think it only happens when the car is parked facing the sun. The center screen must be heating up while parked. So, now when I park, I drape a small towel over the back of the screen. I haven't had the issue since.
  2. Rotting Piñata

    SSM 49673 - Sirius Presets/Audio Settings Not Saving After A Key Cycle

    Totally worked. Thanks. At first I didn't mind so much that my equalizer settings didn't reload when I turned my car on. But then last week we put the fader on full-back so that the kids could listen to music without it playing on the front speakers. And the car decided to keep THAT setting...
  3. Rotting Piñata

    Huge VW ID4 ad push. Where is Ford??

    Just a guess, since the F150 is their best selling vehicle. I figured they'd make as many as possible. Yes, the Mach E was limited to 50k in the first year. It's possible they increase production numbers in the coming years.
  4. Rotting Piñata

    Huge VW ID4 ad push. Where is Ford??

    Ford is only planning on making 50k Mach E's per year. It's not supposed to compete with VW or Tesla is number of units sold. The F150 Lightning, on the other hand, is supposed to be sold in higher numbers, and we'll probably see tons of commericals for them.
  5. Rotting Piñata

    Drivers door suddenly not unlocking

    I had the same issue and Ford fixed it in 30 minutes. In the meantime, if you push the button on any other door, the driver door button should work You'll have to then close that other door - an extra step, but a quick short-term fix until you have time to bring it in to the dealer.
  6. Rotting Piñata

    Carbonized Gray Spotted in the Wild Monday near Kensington, MD

    I originally said it was me. Then saw your post was from today, so I deleted it. But after rereading the title (where it clearly says "Monday"), I updated my post again. If you're wondering why you had three notifications and only one reply, it was my inability to handle simple conversation :)
  7. Rotting Piñata

    Carbonized Gray Spotted in the Wild Monday near Kensington, MD

    That was me! I did see you crossing, but I mistook your thumbs up as a thank you for actually stopping at the red light and not hitting you. :)
  8. Rotting Piñata

    Ford Motor Company Introduction 🏢

    My biggest issue with the car is that when I am listening to music and receive a call, the music comes to a screaching stop as the sound system transitions to playing my ring tone. It is very jarring. It'd be nice if the music would just stop (or fade away) without the extra noise. Loving...
  9. Rotting Piñata

    SPOTTED: New Mach-e in Arlington, VA

    I saw a CG last week driving EAST on 50. It had NY plates, though. Wanted to wave, but they had just turned off the road.
  10. Rotting Piñata

    Can't open driver's door first

    I had the same issue with my front door. It would only open if I opened any other door first or physically pushed the FOB unlock button. Whatever caused it happened about 2 weeks ago. It was enough of an annoyance that I brought it into Ford (instead of waiting for an update), and 30 minute...
  11. Rotting Piñata

    Wirless car charging

    Thought of your post when I came across this today: They even mention the Renault testing. And, being Israeli - I hope you enjoyed your stay there!
  12. Rotting Piñata

    DIY car wash and ceramic coating recommendations

    Nothing yet. Two weeks ago I used Chemical Bros Butter Wax. It's not ready for ceramic coating - it may be easier to give the wax time to fade instead of trying to scrub it all off.
  13. Rotting Piñata

    Ford site just updated, Premium now 6+ months order time ? Ford was at 126k after 2020. The phaseout starts the quarter after you exceed 200,000 units. Mach E owners should be good through the rest of 2021...
  14. Rotting Piñata

    DIY car wash and ceramic coating recommendations

    Thanks! After I read your previous comment, I went to their webpage and read up on their product. I was pretty convinced and was ready to buy (with the $25 code!). Then I saw the "how many bottles do I need" link and it said 6 (for 2 coats on an SUV). When I added my wife's car, it said 7...
  15. Rotting Piñata

    Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    I use the FOB. My phone has not proven to be reliable. About 2 weeks ago, I drove my kids to the park and on the way home, the car wouldn't start. Turns out I had forgotten my FOB and drove (successfully) with just my phone. It wasn't a big deal to use my start code, but the FOB is...
  16. Rotting Piñata

    Designer points out the design TRICKERY On The MUSTANG MACH E

    It was an interesting video - until the end. He lost of me at his rating system. In what world does the Honda E get a 10?
  17. Rotting Piñata

    Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Glad you two are ok. Quite the story.
  18. Rotting Piñata

    HELP! Touch Screen went BLACK! [SOLVED!]

    Drove to a friend's house today and the screen worked fine. When I drove home an hour later, the center screen wasn't working. You could tell it was on (it had a faint glow to it) and the buttons worked. I pushed the radio on/off button and then pushed where the mustang should have been at...
  19. Rotting Piñata

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I've left a few messages with my dealer over the past month and none have been returned. I called today with the goal of not leaving another voicemail and getting an answer from a human. I would've accepted the answer that it's still a few days out - but I wanted an actual answer. And...