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  1. Top Gear Review - Ioniq 5 vs ID.3 vs Mach-E

    Ioniq5 is using the HVB and can run electrical loads for like 2-3 days, and without the fumes of an ICE vehicle.
  2. Top Gear Review - Ioniq 5 vs ID.3 vs Mach-E

    Ioniq has the killer feature, V2L. If MME had that, it'd be a no-brainer.
  3. First Post - Broken Heart - Car Would not Start - Solved (Update 9/24/21)

    Wonder if there could be a manual HV relay connector, just so you would not be stranded if the LVB bit the dust…
  4. Disable back up reverse beeping?

    You're probably right that it may not be necessarily "criminal". However, I've been a part of enough civil lawsuits to know about punitive damages, that is when someone takes egregious, intentional and neglectful actions that causes injury or harm to someone else. This is a personal injury...
  5. Disable back up reverse beeping?

    Pretty sure there are some federal laws against intentionally disabling safety features in a car. So even if you hit a person or not, if it's discovered then it could be used against you. Not to mention the incredible personal financial liability if you actually do hit someone. Then again, I'm...
  6. Blue Cruise is useless if it can't take a curve

    True. But as Chairman and CEO he doesn't have to purchase the vehicle. Not true. He's spotted often driving the X or the CyberTruck.
  7. Blue Cruise is useless if it can't take a curve

    L2 self-driving on highways is the killer app for electric cars. EV sales are going to drop for Ford if they don't solve this right away. I've personally decided to delay my order and will wait to see what Hyundai's Ioniq 5 can do and others in regards to self-driving.
  8. Hello from Southern California! Why I'm getting a Mach E.

    You should factor in 30% battery degradation because that's what the warranty is assuming. Which means that 200 mile-range you're getting brand new is only going to be about 140 miles in a few years (30% range loss according to warranty)
  9. Mach E vs the Ioniq 5

    Which makes me concerned about the 800 volt battery on the Ioniq. Already some reports of leaking coolant. Also, 800v could be a problem during collisions.
  10. Are Ford dealers really this bad about the Mach-E

    Watch the video. PaaK not working is an inconvenience. Firmware updates that brick the car is a MAJOR PROBLEM.
  11. Mach E vs the Ioniq 5

    Not true. Ioniq5 isn’t true V2G. You hook up a standard 3 prong extension cord to it and it provides 3.6kW of power, enough for about 20 hours of power. Perfect for overnight camping or short term power outages. I don’t want to have a 99kWh pack sitting in my garage while I’m freezing like...
  12. Are Ford dealers really this bad about the Mach-E

    I know many of you didn't watch the entire video, but the main issue is that applying software updates that ends up bricking the entire vehicle. It may or may not be a dealer specific issue, but the thought of turning a car into a $50,000 paperweight is the bigger concern here.
  13. Tesla Plaid up in flames

    Lithium is highly combustible. It's separated by a thin layer of material. If that material gets punctured or fails, then kaboom. Look at the thousands of youtube videos of people piercing their phone batteries with a knife. Now multiply that explosion times 300x to match the size of the battery...
  14. 2022 MME and Federal Rebate Phase Out

    Total speculation, but I doubt we see any changes in 2022 since the backlog is so deep.
  15. Mach E to power your home.

    Must-have feature for me. After seeing Texas go dark for days this past February, it has changed my perspective on my family's needs for energy. No sense in have a 99 kWh lithium-ion battery sitting in my garage and we can't tap into it somehow.
  16. 2022 Kia EV6 electric crossover confirmed for all 50 US states, reservations open June 3

    Biggest feature for me is the 77kWh that providers 2kW output for A/C powered appliances. It's essentially a "mobile" PowerWall for my home in the event of power outages and could power appliances for about 36 straight hours. Would love to have something like this with the MME's 99kWh pack.
  17. [The Verge] Ford will start rolling out major over-the-air software updates to its vehicles this year

    Audi is featuring a “scribble” app in their e-trons. You can scribble “tacos” for example and it’ll navigate you there. Still pretty lame...
  18. Kia EV6 U.S. Premiere May 18th at 8 p.m. ET

    The Hyundai equivalent specs were a bit mediocre. The biggest feature though is V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid). You can use your EV as battery backup for your entire house. Would love to see MME have this feature. I could power my entire house for 4-6 days with 99 kWh.