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  1. phil

    GT/GTPE real world range

    EVs can be very nice city cars. Electric road trips are more trouble than they are worth.
  2. phil

    My mach e door trim started falling apart

    Really, they have a dark mode? Oh, yeah, that's much better!
  3. phil

    Pallsapp info

    That would be Albukoikee.
  4. phil

    Software limits GT because of different tires

    The only thing I really want to 'unlock' is the adaptive damping. I will not be holding my breath...
  5. phil

    CA - 2022 HOV Stickers

    That is simultaneously hilarious and pathetic.
  6. phil

    Software limits GT because of different tires

    If the offer to GT owners were in exchange for a suitable payment, would you see the reason then?
  7. phil

    CA - 2022 HOV Stickers

    My experience was different. When I briefly owned a Bolt, I had the dealer order the stickers when my car arrived on New Year's Eve, and had them arrive in ~2 weeks. That would have been 2016 - has the DMV slowed down that much in 5 years? Not that it would surprise me if it has...
  8. phil

    GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Well, that's something. I'm starting to think you might get a Mustang after all. Meanwhile, it's 11 days since production for me, and no indication of shipment yet. For my GT, shipment date was three days after production (or four, depending on which tracking website I choose to believe)...
  9. phil

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    You've hit rock bottom. No place to go but up.
  10. phil

    BlueCruise almost here... are you in or out?

    I'll try it. Could be fun to see how well it works, and how it improves over time. But I don't imagine I would ever trust it with my life. Nor do I expect any practical value.
  11. phil

    Mach-E GT Press incoming

    Sometime between 4 and 11 days from now.
  12. phil

    500 Miles Logged: My 1st Impressions

    Very sensible. I agree that there's really nothing of importance missing from the Select AWD.
  13. phil

    GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Yes, I used the VIN and 4-digit order number on does not show built, it just says "In Production" is "In Progress". I think the window sticker becomes available a few days before production, and the window sticker provides your order number.
  14. phil

    GT Build Week 10/4 October 4

    Produced. Production date was 10/4. ETA End Date is 11/27.
  15. phil

    GT seat stitching starting to unravel / come loose

    I see two threads unraveling within 3 weeks on this car, one of not very many delivered to date. Do you really think the stitching is made to last thru 10 years of driving? I'm not so confident...