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  1. ebeponyan

    2022 Mach E Cal R 1 AWD -- website lists 300 mile range?

    Short answer is that it depends. If driving <= 65mph on a nice day with no wind or elevation change, you should have no problem going 300 miles on a full charge. That said, it's not practical to drive 100-0% unless you know you'll be near a charger at all times.
  2. ebeponyan

    Avoid Highways Navigation

    I don't have the settings in front of me, but in the navigation app, hit the setting icon and check in the Avoidances tab to see if you can turn highways off. You could also try the Eco Route rather than Fastest.
  3. ebeponyan

    Top Gear Review - Ioniq 5 vs ID.3 vs Mach-E

    I've never heard a whistling sound from the side mirrors. The cabin is eerily quiet on the road, even in rain. The only thing I can think of here is that the Premium trim may have extra thick driver's side windows, and the Select (which they appear to be driving) may not.
  4. ebeponyan

    "Taking one for the Team" or "How I Killed My Charge Port Door"

    I heard the pop from inside the house and three rooms away. It was grim. This is a good point. I don't think automatic closing is the answer (just something that might break when you need it most), but the door doesn't need to be so big, stick out so far, or require such precision to open and...
  5. ebeponyan

    "Taking one for the Team" or "How I Killed My Charge Port Door"

    Just want to give my thanks for your sacrifice. You saved me a headache, a heartache and few hundred dollars at the shop. A clear look at the slide latches on the inside of the door panel. White paint streaks left by the steel garage door arm buffed out without incident. The exposed outside...
  6. ebeponyan

    Top Gear Review - Ioniq 5 vs ID.3 vs Mach-E

    In that it's portrait mode so you don't need to reach into the passenger's lap to access core functions which should probably have just been physical buttons in the first place, yes. Teslas have indisputably better software, but Ford has done well with their cabin design. Another success of...
  7. ebeponyan

    Mach-E sales increase 9.2% in Sept 2021, YTD sales rank second in full electric EV segment

    I see two reasons for this: 1) Ford is trying to maximize the tax credit for F-150 sales. They need enough Mach-Es sold to establish Ford as a serious EV player, but not so many that the credit starts to phase out early into the release of the F-150. 2) The Mach-E beat the Model Y to market in...
  8. ebeponyan

    Best way to set 90% max charge?? And - is 90 the right number?

    EVs generally like being plugged in (Always Be Charging) so they can use grid power for thermal regulation, 12V battery management and other passive actions without dipping into the big battery's reserves. Ford left a substantial top (and also a notable bottom) buffer in the battery, to the...
  9. ebeponyan

    Can you use the radar cruise at low speeds like 20 mph in stop and go traffic

    It is much smoother with following distance set all the way back to 4, at least in Engage Mode.
  10. ebeponyan

    "No Metric for You!" Says the American MME

    There's some sense in that, but temperature and distance-based measurements are already split out in Settings>General>Units (along with pressure). There's no reason this should be buried at the bottom of an entirely different tab.
  11. ebeponyan

    "No Metric for You!" Says the American MME

    I just discovered this myself after experiencing the same issue over Labor Day weekend. There is a separate setting for the speedometer in Settings>Vehicle all the way at the bottom past the option to reset driving history. Felt very silly for not finding it earlier, but maybe not as silly as...
  12. ebeponyan

    Mach-E does a great job in Norwegian Tesla/Porsche Artic Circle race

    Links for the Mustang's perspective. Pt 1: Pt 2:
  13. ebeponyan

    Navigation crashing

    I started having this issue again and initiated a reset like before. However, I am now completely unable to set up PaaK through FordPass despite an hour on the phone with support. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and self-reliant, so I don't make this invocation lightly, but @Ford Motor...
  14. ebeponyan

    What is your occupation?

    You just have to get your foot in the door, provided your PaaK is functional and you don't have to open the rear door first before the driver latch activates.
  15. ebeponyan

    Cracked Roof

    I'm looking into this as well. The glass shop recommended a vendor for this, but seeing what a bang-up job they did on my roof, I'm not sure I'll take their recommendation.
  16. ebeponyan

    Cracked Roof

    Job complete. It took less than two hours for them to swap it out, plus a couple hours for the adhesive to dry. However, they managed to dent my rear passenger door and leave a scratch down the whole side as well as a few others along the driver door. They also left their keys in my car. The...
  17. ebeponyan

    Free charging at Electrify America all Labor Day weekend

    Yes, you can temporarily disable Plug&Charge from within FordPass before charging.
  18. ebeponyan

    Boosting speed of charging:

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is a common issue with Mach-Es at EA chargers manufactured by ABB, particularly with the 350kw stations. My first suggestion would be to try another station or port. That said there are a number of other reasons like temperature and state of charge which...
  19. ebeponyan

    Love your Mustang Mach-E? Would you buy it again? POLL

    Voted 9 because this car is great, but I have no practical reason to own two of the same model. Granted, I also have no practical reason to own an F-150 Lightning, but that's not going to stop me drooling over it. Gods grant me strength.