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  1. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    A bunch of companies prevent 3rd party buyouts of leases, due to the chip shortage. So you might want to check in on that directly with BMW. If BMW allows third party lease buyoffs, get a quote from carmax or carvana too. I have a friend who got out of a tesla lease by selling it to carmax...
  2. How to charge battery at less then 100%.

    Doesnt pge add a delivery charge / kwh too? The last I checked it was slightly cheaper to stick with pg&e.
  3. Pallsapp info

    My car is 30 miles away, and the wait is agony....
  4. Pallsapp info

    Nice!! Are you picking up today?
  5. Pallsapp info

    Here's my latest VVR as of this morning. It looks like there's a delay in having these updates be reflected in ford's system. And here's what my dealer also said "We unfortunately will not have any idea of when it will arrive at our dealership once it arrives in Richmond. We are only notified...
  6. Pallsapp info

    I'm so glad for you. Time to call my dealer to get a VVR out of them. There was someone else on this forum who mentioned that their car was at Richmond for over a week before they attempted to truck it to the dealer and then had to deal with dead battery issues. I have half a mind to drive up...
  7. Pallsapp info

    another 160 miles to richmond.
  8. Pallsapp info

    Hopefully richmond by EOD!
  9. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    why the rush in getting the plates?
  10. Pallsapp info

    Nice. So only way for me to track mine is to use yours as proxy, or bug my dealer for a VVR. My car is either ahead of you or on the same train as you. I'll bug my dealer once i hear that your car has made its way to richmond
  11. Pallsapp info

    @scoopman where's your car at today
  12. Pallsapp info

    How many days was your car at Barstow?
  13. Pallsapp info

    Is 24 hours long enough ??? 🤪 Anyways it looks like my car is still at Barstow or has left Barstow.
  14. Pallsapp info

    Here's the latest on my car. Arrived at Barstow CA this morning at 3 AM. I hope its not stuck here for days before its shipped up north to the bay area.
  15. Pallsapp info

    You need a 4 letter prefix too. Mine is BNSF. Others have TTGX.
  16. Pallsapp info

    Use this tool to track It looks like the ford software engineers broke the UX on I see TBD on dealer delivery screen too.
  17. Pallsapp info

    Have the dealer send you a screen shot of the vehicle Visibility report. That should have a railcar number, which you can then use to call the CSX customer service number to track.
  18. Pallsapp info

    Lucky you! That's the CSX number I've been calling, and they have an old status for me, which says released by the customer at El Mirage Arizona on nov 9th. My car number is BSNF 301133. Looks like CSX has no visibility to the train that's carrying my car
  19. Pallsapp info

    CSX has an old status for me from Nov (of last year?). Union Pacific has no update for my car. My car is being shipped on BNSF, and I havent found any way to track my rail car thru BNSF directly. The only way I can keep track is to bug my dealer once every couple of days for an update. Last...
  20. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    5 days from Winslow to Richmond????? 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 . People could walk that distance faster. Anyways your car looks amazing. I noticed that it doesn't have the front license plates screwed in yet. Glad to know thats how the car ships. Are you having your dealer install them? or did you tell...