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  1. coolshades

    Another GOM Lie

    there's someone who's contemplating between an MME or a MY. your pic should be a mandatory datapoint for such folks.
  2. coolshades

    UK Customers

    looks like a MME boost for us UK folks.
  3. coolshades

    Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    However much data driven you are, your decision will ultimately be subjective. We all try to rationalise our purchasing habits but in the end we are subjective. coming to a particular vehicle’s forum may not help you much since the choir will be talking back to you. Tesla was never on my radar...
  4. coolshades

    Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    Correct me if I am wrong but the Q4 doesn’t have a pano roof and real world range is lower than a MME isn’t it?
  5. coolshades

    UK Customers

    Dumb q. I see Sync mentioned quite a lot by US folks. What exactly does it do? It relevant to UK folks?
  6. coolshades

    Mach E Owners Without Issues

    One month old owner, about 2k miles done I don’t use Ford Pass ever, don’t give a damn about OTA, don’t even know which version my MME has got, and am in UK where we don’t have PAAK. Even if we did, I doubt I would use it. i have only one issue. I look for excuses to drive the car.
  7. coolshades

    UK Customers

    4.1-3.5 is ridiculously good. i am averaging 3.1, with aircon (22 deg), Active mode and 1PD. about 70% of my miles are motorway, rest local stuff
  8. coolshades


    that Boston Ivy covered wall is my neighbor's!
  9. coolshades

    Danger in Repeatedly Charging to 100%

    Do what makes your wife feel comfortable and happy. If that means charging to 100% each day, go ahead. It isn't a big deal. A happy wife/spouse/partner is far far more important than a car.
  10. coolshades

    Public Charging Speed Query

    at home, I am able to get 29kw in 4 hours of charging, if that helps. If you are getting only 4-5 kw per hour, that feels low, but I know even less than you about these things,.
  11. coolshades

    UK Customers

    @Wonky_Donkey don't all the MMEs have pano roofs? i have the AWD ER so i am guessing i should have this too. i will try it out. as soon as i bought the car, i spent a few minutes kicking beneath it and nothing happened. my wife asked me if i knew how stupid i looked doing that, and that was...
  12. coolshades

    UK Customers

    UK folks, do our hatch doors open if we kick beneath the car? I haven’t got this to work and thought it isn’t a UK feature,.
  13. coolshades

    What do you store in the lower center cubby/bin?

    I didn’t know that existed until now!
  14. coolshades

    UK Customers

    i have driven 1300 miles, Bucks, Bedfordshire, Manchester, Bath, Greater London ... nope, not one MME out there. the upside is the car gets noticed.
  15. coolshades

    Trip computer and range efficiency

    @cheng my MME AWD ER is about three weeks old. i have done 1300 miles in it. my trip 2 says range of 3.1m/kwh. i settled on the MME because i wanted an electric SUV that would give me 200 miles minimum on full charge. i get that right now. everything else is a bonus. for my future trip...
  16. coolshades

    UK Customers

    How did you set departure time given the Detroit issue in Ford Pass? Or did you work with Detroit time?
  17. coolshades

    help improve my consumption!

    i don't mind taking the electricity hit. i should play around with start times, departures, etc and see what happens. re profile pic, your wish is my command, sir.
  18. coolshades

    help improve my consumption!

    where i leave has a lot of roundabouts, so a lot of slowing, restarting for local trips ... .i am guessing this consumes energy faster? for sure, those routes gave me poor mileage when driving ICE and i am assuming it's the same with BEV
  19. coolshades

    Vacation trip in EU, NL-BE-FR and back again

    cool. I think the ambient temp helped a lot. I am in UK and when it is around 15-16C, consumption is around 3.1, but I have an AWD ER