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  1. Magneride harshness/comfort- not racing-but regular street driving?

    On our non GTs, do the modes just change 1 pedal regen aggressiveness then? Does it tighten steering at least too? Or do I just pick whichever mode I like 1 pedal in the most?
  2. Dealer said they don't have the deposit

    I did read that. I’m saying in the future or for anyone else who comes across this.
  3. Dealer said they don't have the deposit

    Most definitely don't buy a car without resolving this... I'd get back into the dealer asap and talk to the Sales Manager, Finance guy or GM and not leave without a full refund. That's complete bs.
  4. [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Because they, for whatever reason, are all over the place. Just like how 1.4 used to be the most current version and people received 1.6 BEFORE 1.4. But in this case, the GT version is a newer build, it just isn't stable yet, which is why it has a greater build number. The GT version has a few...
  5. Less snags on newer build cars?

    They are most certainly trying to tighten up QC and build quality. Most of your issues are probably well sorted out, other than Sync (although software by that time might finally be there). I will say that, to my knowledge, Ford does super suck at actually making sure the changes they implement...
  6. Wireless Phone Charging Dock charges so slowly

    How many watts is the USB-C charger on the Mach-e? Do you by chance know the power delivery of both USB-Cs and the USB-A ports? Seems odd they wouldn't do 20W as well :(
  7. Wireless Phone Charging Dock charges so slowly

    Is your phone screen on the entire time? Wireless charging is markedly slower than a cord, but that seems extremely odd that while the screen is off, you'd be losing battery.
  8. Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    Oh certainly not, I just did a test swipe after installing the wiper and heard it and freaked out. Ok, thanks.
  9. Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    Do you mind trying it without any water? Just one swipe? Mine makes a click or mechanical noise when no water, but then driving to work today I used the nozzle spray and it didn't click and then once the water was gone well enough, it clicked again. Hoping that is at least normal?
  10. Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    So I got the Trico 15-G but how do you get the Trico off? It seems to secure way more on the arm and it’s impossible for me to get it off. Also, is the wiper supposed to make a click when it hits the left and goes back to the right?
  11. [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    None of what you're saying makes any sense at all. It hasn't been halted, its being ROLLED OUT as many people have stated. The car is supposed to go to sleep... or else you'd be draining the battery. The car doesn't know if it is going to be off for 2 hours or 2 months... it can't just stay on...
  12. My Mach-E GT showed up at dealer.. Decision time

    That's interesting as most all dealers are not offering a "normal lease" on this car. You either finance, cash or do Ford Options. Ford Options you get hit with more tax wise, but it is essentially interest free since the $2,500 reduction in Cali covers most interest and even with the taxes, the...
  13. 1 Pedal Driving - Loss of Power. What happens?

    From a few of the posts regarding SSN that I've seen, it looked like your car almost immediately stopped. It didn't really give you a chance to actually stop safely. Its like pull over immediately while you're still coasting.
  14. Cross wind rattle ... Anyone else?

    Yes!!! I have the same thing but on the left side!! Oh my goodness. My sounds like it is between the IPC and my windshield. I've pressed down all over the dash, screen, "sound bar," etc. and everything feels super firm. It drives me CRAZY. Mine started happening after they replaced my IPC so I'm...
  15. Well, this is interesting...

    It is fairly unlikely the tax credit rules will change for 2022 to exclude people from the $7,500 unless you're making crazy, crazy money. They're talking about adding on additional funds on top of the $7,500 with possible income limits and renewing the base $7,500 to dealers that used it up...
  16. [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    How did you keep your 12v powered throughout this process? I want to give it a shot, but aren't sure how to handle that portion.
  17. [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    So are you enrolled in early access?