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  1. Pics: Space White Premium AWD Completed Project [...for now]

    This is an amazing build so far! I have a Star White Metallic Premium that I haven't done much to quite yet, so this is some great inspiration. Love the wheels, I am getting a some new shoes come next spring. Also going to do the fender trim in body color. All in all, looks really good!
  2. TSB 21-2206 Vibration/Pulsation From Brakes - Brake Pad Material Stuck To Rotor

    Hm, wondering if the same defect has occurred on my Premium…I’ll have to check, but I’d like to ask other owners; do you guys feel a shudder/pulsing when applying the brakes quickly while regen braking is also occurring? Thought it might just be the fact that the car doesn’t like using the...

    Absolutely beautiful machine… love the GT trim in our color! Star white is honestly quite brilliant. I think it looks better in low light scenarios, as opposed to being beamed on directly. Still, all around dazzling! Congrats on the GT!
  4. Mustang Sally's Wardrobe is complete

    This is a CLEAN mod so far! I have a Star White Premium as well, and seeing a grill decal on our color car is nice! I like the look, I’ll have to explore something like that. How much did the grill decal run you if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    Awesome, thanks for the comprehensive response! Really like the look, didn’t realize how much heavier they were than stock though. I may ping you in a few weeks after you’ve done some more driving to see what efficiency is like. I’m not overly concerned with efficiency, I know it’s gonna take a...
  6. Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    These wheels caught my eye on TireRack’s website. I am a big fan of the design, reminds me a lot of the GT wheels. Thinking of ordering some, two questions though. 1. What does your mi/kWh efficiency look like for the kind of city-driving commute you do, and if you have done any highway driving...

    Another “I don’t have social media so you folks get to see my pics” post…
  8. 120v level 1 charging at home

    Thank you for the input, this is starting to make more and more sense. I am seeing this phrase “pre-condition the battery” since I’ve been browsing, what does that mean?
  9. 120v level 1 charging at home

    Thanks for the quick response. I also immediately thought of other variables that could have caused the spike in kWh usage, and can’t really say that anything has changed in my usage other than plugging in my car. Compared to the last 2 months, and then compared to last year’s usage of those...
  10. 120v level 1 charging at home

    Pinging this thread as a new MME owner. I have had my car for a month now (absolutely love it) and got my first electric bill after charging at home 9 times in the month, for about 131% of the battery (according to the FordPass app), aka 115kwh. My electric bill accounted for a 226kwh difference...

    New to the forum (and Internet forums in general) and definitely new to the Mach E club! Enjoying the car a TON over the last 4 weeks that I have had it. I don't have any social media so I figured I could use this forum as an outlet for my car pics.
  12. MRR FS06 on Mach-E latest photo shoot || MRR Wheels

    New to the forum here, but could I also get a PM with what this sort of set up costs? Do you sell the tires too, or just the wheels?