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  1. RSH

    One-pedal fault - anyone seen this?

    Just happened to me. Unlike most of you, I was not switching gears. I was just driving. The only thing different that happened is that there was a small dip (I guess to slow traffic) and as I went across the dip slowly I heard a noise and the warning came up that I couldn't use 1-pedal. One...
  2. RSH

    First Scratch…..

    Bet there are some relieved people around you! 😊 Looks great.
  3. RSH

    Am I the only one having a great PaaK experience?

    I'm another PAAK only user. I have noticed that with the most recent 3.32 update, I am having to use my keypad codes more often. I've also noticed the welcome lights coming on and yet the door won't unlock. These issues seem new with the update, though I haven't seen anyone else on the forum...
  4. RSH

    Am I the only one having a great PaaK experience?

    Are you referring to the horn being obnoxious? If so, there is a setting that disables the honk. I disabled it when the FP update came out that allowed walk-away notification to the FP app. Now I get a silent notification that the doors are locked. The notification also comes to my Samsung...
  5. RSH

    EA Charger full of Mach-E's

    And all in a different color! Impressive.
  6. RSH

    I'm giving up

    Someone in the other forum has an MME for sale. Below is the link provided.
  7. RSH


    From what I can tell, I'm really liking this color. Has a rich look to it. Would be nice with the space gray interior.
  8. RSH

    How's your paint??

    I quick detail my car when I get to work in around 4-5 minutes. Only takes 4 microfibers (fold into fourths, use a clean edge every time) with moderate pressure. One for the hood, one for each side of the car, and one for the trunk. So it's okay to wipe down a car without washing it? This...
  9. RSH

    Appreciation Thread

    I have the space gray interior. I like the way they made all the high-touch points the dark color.
  10. RSH

    Seeing Ponies in the Wild Around the DMV

    I hardly ever see any. I'm in Virginia. Drove to Richmond a couple weeks ago and saw ONE the entire trip. We ended up competing to find Teslas on the road and found 27 in the 3-hour round trip. I'm okay with not seeing THAT many.
  11. RSH

    FordPass 3.30.0 released

    With 3.29, I started receiving the security alerts and notification of walk-away door lock on my Samsung Watch. Really liked the notification about the door lock.
  12. RSH

    Transportation Company Cracked Sunroof

    Glad your ordeal is over. Enjoy the car over the nice long weekend.
  13. RSH

    Finally took pics of my Star White Mach-E GTPE

    That's gorgeous. Love the wheels.
  14. RSH

    Weird Intelligent Cruise Control issue

    I use ICC very often. Had this happen in a particular spot on the highway where there are two roads running parallel but with different speeds allowed (HOV vs non-HOV). The MME picked up the speed for the other road. I've also had the MME show a different posted speed from what is shown on the...
  15. RSH

    Frunk Closing Solution

    In the event you do have to open it, when I took my MME by the dealership to see if they could show me how to close the frunk they thoroughly lubricated it and then said to close it using pressure all the way down to close, like @macchiaz-o was saying. So it is not a slam, which is good...
  16. RSH

    Frunk Closing Solution

    Thank you for your statements to the comments. I was trying to compose a message that got across this same sentiment, but you did it far better than I could have. Your examples of title threads are hilarious and on-point. This thread is a great example of solution-oriented owners helping owners...
  17. RSH

    Road rage incidents?

    I have a red MME and it gets noticed all the time. I've even had people take pics of the car (unfortunately, once I was in it when they took the pic and I didn't like that at all). Only once have I experienced negative driving, but I don’t think it was related to the car being an EV. I think...
  18. RSH

    Ford CEO discusses COVID impact on manufacturing

    I hope you weather this well with minimal pain and discomfort. Get well soon!
  19. RSH

    Any seeing their range increase?

    Charged up to 100% to get ready for a road trip. Have only charged to 100% twice. Didn't expect these results.