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  1. 10/11 build week gang

    I understand from what others said that you should see a long list of module codes under the BCE Modules heading when they have been activated meaning that the car is built. I don‘t know what the module codes mean.
  2. 10/18 Build Week Gang

    I keep checking this site, enter your VIN# and see if you get modules listed under BCE Modules. Once you see modules listed then your car has been built and is coming alive.
  3. 10/18 Build Week Gang

    I had build week 10/11, my dealer told me build day of 10/16, and today my modules were active! The dealer has more insight on what's going on I guess.
  4. 10/11 build week gang

    As of today my car modules went active. My dealership (Lexington Park Ford) rep called me and said car was built and they had a delivery window between mid-November and early December. Getting pumped!!!!
  5. 10/11 build week gang

    Thanks, things are starting to look more consistent wrt scheduling but I could be fooled!!!
  6. 10/11 build week gang

    Just checked Ford Vehicle Tracking Status and got this: Vehicle Details Ordered On 05/17/2021 Order Number XXXX VIN 3FMTK3R73MMAXXXX Estimated Delivery 12/05/2021 My build day is 10/16 and I don't have any active modules yet. I'll be very happy if the estimated delivery date is close to...
  7. 10/11 build week gang

    Congrats! Mine should be completed today with any luck.
  8. 10/11 build week gang

    I checked and see this statement: "Module Information Found" and I can download a file and got this string: AS_BUILT_DATA><VEHICLE><VIN>3FMTK3R73MMA59860</VIN><VEHICLE_DATA><DATA...
  9. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    We probably won’t see updates until next week. I am also a 10/11 build week.
  10. 10/11 build week gang

    Build week of 10/11 and build day of 10/16. Status is “In Production” since this past Monday. Nothing exciting to report. :(
  11. How do you drive your MME?

    I don’t have my Mach E yet, but once I get it I’m going to drive it like a teenager. Why? Because I spend too many years driving efficiently, but since I can charge at home I don’t have to worry about fuel cost. However, when I go on long trips then I’ll drive efficiently due to charging...
  12. Ford deploying Mach-E 'angels' to find, fix bad EV chargers

    Maybe this will put some pressure on the EV charger companies to better maintain their chargers???
  13. 10/11 build week gang

    Actual start of build for your car will be one day next week. For example. I also have a build week of 10/11, but my dealer said my car will start build on 10/16.
  14. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I just got my window sticker today with production next week too. My dealer said my actual build day is 10/16. Ordered 5/17. Less grumpy too!
  15. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Maybe your MME is constipated? A bit of laxative will get it moving. Just kidding, hope you get it soon. I’ll be lucky to get mine by the end of the year?
  16. Roofs Flying Off!?

    I don‘t read or watch any “news” anymore. Truly, ignorance is bliss! 😉😉
  17. Earliest reservation still without car

    Does a reservation date really mean anything? I would think the order date is more important wrt eventually getting a build date. However, I don’t really have a clue on how Ford schedules the builds.
  18. Thinking about ordering a a Mach-e. Advice on ordering?

    I actually ordered online while at the dealer location using their computer with the salesman sitting right next to me. I thought that worked well since we could discuss all aspects of the sale before hitting the order button. Also had written approval for a second FOB.