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  1. Mhood

    Pics: Space White Premium AWD Completed Project [...for now]

    Looks amazing!!!! I plan to get tints, black rims and red break calipers too. I want the Lamin side/rear markers now seeing yours! Is the color gunsmoke or black? Do you mind sharing another photo of the covers without the filter?
  2. Mhood

    Picking Up GT Today!!

    Im happy to hear your dealership experience was better than others. My Premium is scheduled to arrive between this upcoming Friday the 15th - Thursday the 21st. ( 💃🏾💃🏾) Super excited 😆! I join mustang of America back in May when I placed the order. How early did you request your X-Plan pin...
  3. Mhood

    Cutoff date on waiting for your Mach-E?

    I put my name on the waiting list for the Kia too. Looks like I won’t get a car till next year no matter what I get! 😡
  4. Mhood

    Cutoff date on waiting for your Mach-E?

    For those of us that ordered and are waiting for the build/shipped date with NO update from Ford or has received the 6+ week chip shortage email…. do you have a “cutoff” date of when you’re going to select another vehicle? If so, whats your cutoff date and what vehicle are you considering next?
  5. Mhood

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Just got my build week: 8/16 Placed order on 5/12/21.
  6. Mhood

    How long from order placed to VIN# and delivery date

    I placed my order on May 13th, and haven’t received anything yet, not even an email. I see that the dealer accepted the order.
  7. Mhood

    What are you gonna name yours?

    I am naming mine Kim. Not sure what made me give it a realistic name instead of a typical car name but it’s sticking... even my husband calls it Kim now and we haven’t received it yet!! 😂😎
  8. Mhood

    What is the nickname or will be nickname of your MME?

    I am naming my MME: Kim!
  9. Mhood

    Black Wheels on White Mach-E

    What about chrome & black (5 spoke) rims? Has anyone seen or have these on a star white MME?
  10. Mhood

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Submitted my info via the form. Kim (the name of my MME) is on the way!!!!! 💃
  11. Mhood

    Best Dealership In the ATL Area?

    Thanks so much for all the helpful information. I purchased the MOA membership but will I have to wait 90 days before placing my online order? I went through most of the process online besides submitting the deposit and it doesnt ask for anything pertaining to financing or plans. Am I...
  12. Mhood

    Best Dealership In the ATL Area?

    Hello, I can believe everything you mentioned about Wade Ford. I called them to ask about their ADM and X Plan, and the lady was very rude and snappy. She kept telling me to just place my order... I thought she was just having a bad day! I will not have my car sent there... Mall of...
  13. Mhood

    Best Dealership In the ATL Area?

    I plan to order my MME next month as a birthday gift to myself. 💃 I've done a lot of research on this car and narrowing down exactly what I want. ( Premium, Standard RWD, Star White , Black Onyx interior, Interior Protection Package) However, for some reason I am having issues with selecting...
  14. Mhood

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Ultimate Charging Guide

    This is a great video for those that are new to this EV world. :)
  15. Mhood

    Home Charging - ChargePoint (6-50 vs 14-50) or the JuiceBox ( 40 vs 48 and plug in vs. Hardwire) ?

    I am new to this EV world, and the MME will be my first EV vehicle. (*** So please be gentle with me***) I want to install a home charger but I dont know which is better and which is needed for the amount of miles I drive for my weekly commute. *50 miles one way 3x times a week. It is...