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  1. MachTee

    Rotating tires at 21k miles

    I will definitely order those pucks and for sure not lift it off the battery rail. Thank you. Thanks for confirming, save myself some $$$. I'll just give it a hair more after it clicks at 150lbs.
  2. MachTee

    Rotating tires at 21k miles

    Thanks for posting. I'm due for rotation soon too at 9K miles, was just thinking how best to lift the MME. I'm definitely buying that HF jack cross beam. It will make it much easier to work on this (or any other) car. One question. IIRC the lug nuts torque spec on the MME is 150lbs...
  3. MachTee

    What else have you electrified?

    I electrified my lawn and gardening tools long before I bought the MME, mostly Ego stuff for the big tools, and way too many Ryobi tools than I care to admit, let me just see if I remember what I got: Ego select cut dual blade self-propelled mower (replaced a top of the line Honda HRX), Ego...
  4. MachTee

    [UPDATED with Ford Norway's Response] Reports of Steep Downhills / Descents Overheating Mach-E

    Coming from a Tesla, one of the things I like in the MME is that full regen is still available at 100% SoC thanks to the 10% buffer. In a Tesla, there's 0 regen from 95-100%, and it slowly regains as it drops towards 90%. Cold weather also severely limits regen in a Tesla. Remains to be seen...
  5. MachTee

    Extended warranty worth buying?

    It's everything else though, such the B&O DSP which I had to get the dealer to update before it worked properly. Who knows if later on an OTA update (yeah funny) whacks it again. Plus the countless other electronics outside of the drivetrain. I have never purchased an extended warranty...
  6. MachTee

    Extended warranty worth buying?

    Given that Ford's warranty is only 36mos/36k miles, and I already put more than 8k miles on my car in 4mos, I too am seriously considering it. This is the pricing table from Flood Ford on the Mach-E. I'll probably go for the 8yr/100k with $100 deductible for $1195.
  7. MachTee

    2020 Taycan 4S vs 2021 Ford Mach-E GT comparison by owner

    My friend has the same Taycan model and he gets roughly the same range. I drove it and I remember the couple of times when I punched the throttle, I was a bit taken aback by the delayed response. I had a dual motor model 3 at the time and I thought to myself the 3 felt quicker. My guess was...
  8. MachTee

    Am I the only one having a great PaaK experience?

    I said just that in another thread couple days ago and have since discovered that there's still some quirks. When I shut off the car and I get the "restart now or key needed" message and I don't exit the car, it will prompt me to enter my startup code and PAAK refuses to work. I have seen that...
  9. MachTee

    Bought a second Mach-E yesterday

    Congrats! That is insane that the trade in more than doubled a year later. It had crossed my mind to trade my other car for a totally base select RWD to take advantage of the elevated trade in values, another fed tax credit and state rebate, but the state rebate is over and every dealer around...
  10. MachTee

    Is Frunk Gone for 2022?

    Totally not. They've officially named it a "frunk", and will no longer refer to it as "front trunk", claims the article.
  11. MachTee

    FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    Yes. I had the update done in early September. IIRC there have been 3 FordPass updates since and PAAK has been 100%. I never bother to make sure FP is running front and center though, but I did grant it all the permissions including full time location access.
  12. MachTee

    FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    On my phone, whenever I install an app that has iMessage stickers, it gets automatically added to my iMessage "app bar" which is how I discovered the Ford stickers, IIRC ever since I bought the car in June so however many FordPass versions ago that was. I've always thought these stickers apps...
  13. MachTee

    FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    Did you bring your car in to the dealer to perform the PaaK update? I did and ever since PaaK has worked for me 100% of the time. I still get the occasional double honk showing key not detected when I let a passenger in or out, but as far as unlocking and starting the car, PaaK has worked 100%...
  14. MachTee

    FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    It's in Messages on iOS. I've had those stickers since many versions ago. Did Ford just discover it and put it in the update notes?
  15. MachTee

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Thank you! They're showing the 8yr/100k mile Premium plan with $100 deductible for $1195 which seems reasonable. I think that's what I'll go with if I decide to go ahead.
  16. MachTee

    How many miles on your Mach-E so far?

    Bought mine four months ago and I'm at nearly 7600 miles. One single trip to dealer to perform 3 updates including PaaK and it's been great, yes even PaaK. At this rate, my bumper to bumper warranty will be over at well under two years. Does anyone know where I can purchase a Ford extended...
  17. MachTee

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    My car is on 1.6. With a bit of fiddling, I was able to turn off the touchscreen beeps and it stayed off. I then wanted it back on. Also took a bit of fiddling and it now stays on. The one thing I cannot get to stick is the automatic ambient light selection to stay off. I want it on red at...
  18. MachTee

    Mach E mirror cap removal?

    Yes, but I'm not sure the person I got it from would want me to post it. I'm going to assume no.
  19. MachTee

    Mach E mirror cap removal?

    Here you go.
  20. MachTee

    Windshield Glass Recall 21C22

    Sucks to hear but totally expected after reading the Canadian recall. I'm not taking my car in for them to rip apart. No thanks. In my experience out of the many cars I've owned, often if they have to take something apart, especially interior trim pieces, something is not going to be put back...