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  1. PIO132

    FordPass 3.32.0 Released on iOS and Android

    Now we all get stickers for messaging, yippee 🤪.
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    Challenged at the stop lights

    This could be an option
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    RWD or AWD for Las Vegas

    I'm also in Las Vegas (Northwest) and we went with the Mach-E FE AWD EXT. Since this is a daily driver, we wanted better traction during inclement weather. Between monsoon season (Late June-July) and winter rain and snow (January several inches of snow last year) safety won out over the extra...
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    Our custom sun shade arrived just in time for the 100+ degree weather here in Las Vegas.
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    Custom Sun Shade

    If anyone is looking for a custom front windshield sun shade, take a look at We just received our "custom" sun shade and we love it. Since this was a "custom" item, it took six weeks to arrive.
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    Front license plate

    I painted them first. The “ring” around them is the PPF on the front. I found this article after the PPF was applied.
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    Front license plate

    I was looking for an alternative to the bumper plugs and found this article Went to the local Ace Hardware and picked up the nylon plugs (5 @.37), then some touch up paint from the body shop $20 and finally a small Princeton Brush Level 2 5/0 brush from Michaels $7.44...