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  1. Poof - Radio Presets Disappear?

    I had the same problem...this is what I do now...the #1 memory button on door is my profile. Now when I get in I simply press 2 then 1 right after and it reverts back to exactly my settings (4 rows of presets)
  2. EA Charger full of Mach-E's

    😂😂😂...personally I just picked up a mint 88 dark blue coupe...just for the smell and sound of exhaust. I need professional help.😁😁😁
  3. Radio Presets

    BAM...that worked. Everytime I get in the Mach, I simply hit the #2 button for the memory on the door panel. Then I hit #1(mine) and voila...4 rows appear and they are all my favorites...thanks.
  4. Radio Presets

    Yes some tiles have the same stations. But I have purposely selected them. You can replace them with any am or fm station.
  5. Radio Presets

    Anyone else experience this? With the car on my profile...I select of presets per I select 4 rows. When I'm done driving for the day and come back the next defaults back to 2 rows of presets. I can go back in and select 4 rows and find the programmed...
  6. DIY install aftermarket seats - Corbeau A4 in Mach-E

    The rails are engineered to a certain strength. Changing materials is not good.