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  1. “Your order has been updated.”

    I got one yesterday but that was about a week after I requested a color change. The new price was correct as far as I could tell.
  2. Cyber Orange or Yellow?

    Had Cyber Orange been orange orange, we would have gone with that. We agreed it was more mango or yellow-orange, and went with red.
  3. Ford deploying Mach-E 'angels' to find, fix bad EV chargers

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Your thoughts? Source: Ford deploying 'angels' to find, fix bad EV chargers Employees in specially instrumented Mach-Es will test out individual chargers in areas where...
  4. 2021 being converted to 2022 confirmation email

    My Sept 20 order for a Rt 1 just got converted to a 2022 order. Best of all... To thank you for being a valued customer, we're offering you $750* to help cover any price variation for the model-year update. I'm happy. If I remember right, my model increased in price by $375, so this will be a...
  5. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    Yes, it's all about the Benjamins. They raised the base price very little, but colors, required add-ons, etc. push the price up quite a bit for cars most people want. They are in business to make money, they're going to get all they can while the gettin's good. Everyone can get an orange now...
  6. Price increase on existing order

    I have an unscheduled order. I'm not even going to look. I expect my dealer will honor my original price. We already had a conversation about my 21 order moving to a 22.
  7. 2022 Mach-E Price Changes and Orders have officially begun

    I assume EPA range is calculated by the EPA. EPA can't recalculate until they can test the new model. Expect the EPA to calculate the new range to be about 325 miles, then Ford will ask them to reduce it by 10 to about 315 miles. (They did that for the 2021 Mach-e)
  8. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    I can see the new form too. Focusing on the Rt. 1, AWD is $2,700, Star White and Cyber Orange are $795 additional. Base price is up $275 from 2021. I hoped to change my dark grey to orange, but I don't know it's worth $800 to me.
  9. Unscheduled 2021 rolled over to a 22

    What my sales guy said: "I have no information on pricing or colors. Adjusting your order will have no bearing on place in line. As far as pricing increases I have no idea what they will do for existing orders that are being transferred. [to a 2022]"
  10. 11K mile update

    I'm also in Raleigh with a Rt 1 on order. PM me if you decide to sell any time soon. Best comp is probably the Ioniq 5, but you'll have to go to Maryland to get that - when it arrives. Much shorter trip than Alabama though, lol!
  11. NULL ORDER - 2021 Order Nullified?

    To be fair, I just ordered on Sept 21 and knew it would be a 2022. I guess this makes it official. Wondering if anyone else got a similar message. I'll be sending this to my sales guy.
  12. NULL ORDER - 2021 Order Nullified?

    I just got this email from Ford. I have a 2021 Rt 1 on order. Looks like they just cancelled this - I assume to switch me to a 2022. Anyone else receive this? Dear xxx, We recognise that to earn and retain our customers’ trust, we must invest in your ownership experience. It is our intention...
  13. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    Math geek emerges.... with just two significant figures stated, the increase could be as little as 90.6/88.4 = 2.5% or 91.4/87.6= 4.3%. Fairly large range possible. ~ is a fair symbol to use
  14. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    Agreed - the Rt 1 is also a few thousand $$$ less. We are ordering that because we would rather have $$ in our pocket than the extra features of the Premium. Glad to get the heated seats - one of the few features we missed by skipping the Premium.
  15. Buying Courtesy Mach-E Premium - does the 7500 come off the sales price or post tax?

    If this is an extended range premium at 50k and a $7500 rebate, jump on that quickly before someone else grabs it. If you don't buy it, I might.
  16. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    I got a good look at the infinite blue at a car show on Monday and it looked fantastic. Wife and I agreed it would be our favorite if it were available. Funny how quickly colors come and go.
  17. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    I predict there will be no "real" changes to this car. eAWD for Route 1 - they already do eAWD. Heated seats / steering wheel for Route 1 - they already do this for other models. Battery capacity is a software change. Color changes are just color. Ford is doing all they can do to get these out...
  18. 2022 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide First Look - U.S. & Canada!

    Am I the only one that can't find a shade of blue in the blue silver? Isn't this the fourth different shade of grey for the Mach-E? (star metallic white, iconic silver, blue silver, dark matter grey) Have I missed any? If you include white and black as all shades of grey, they just went from one...
  19. 2022 Mach-E ordering (hopefully) starts on September 30th. Who's ordering?

    Questions I will be asking my sales guy tomorrow. I ordered a Route 1 on 9/21. 1 - Will my order carry over into 2022 without a cost increase? 2 - If I choose a new color, can I keep my place in line? 3 - If I choose a new color, will I have to pay the 2022 price? Looks like the Route 1 gets...
  20. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Submitted my order number - order date 9/20 for Rt 1. My crystal clear crystal ball says I will receive the car on.... April 25, 2022. Anyone else want to guess? Winner gets a free picture of my car!