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  1. Cyber Orange or Yellow?

    That would be Tangerine Scream. It's almost exactly the same color. I think Cyber Orange probably has more metallic flakes.
  2. Saw a black GT in the wild today

    This response is useless in my opinion. But to each his/her own I guess!
  3. EA Charger full of Mach-E's

    Exactly. I live in Appleton and my wife likes to visit Door County. That looks pretty iffy. We like to vacation in the Minocqua area in summer. That seems impossible without a fast charger at least in Wausau. Ideally, there needs to be options for all the vacationers IN the Minocqua area...
  4. EA Charger full of Mach-E's

    There aren't any in the Appleton to Green Bay area either (that I'm aware of). Pretty lowsy. And there's several hundred thousand people living in the area... No idea what people from Milwaukee do if they drive up to Green Bay/Door County with an EV, other than hope they can make it back.
  5. Real world range?

    From this article: